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Search Engine Save Angel Campaign (March 8th-14th)

By Kurt

Tuesday 9 March 2004, by Webmaster

Remember the day after the Superbowl ’Janet Jackson’s breast’ became one of the most web searched items in history? What if we took a day to flood Internet search engines with the phrase "Save Angel from Cancellation’? Certainly if all the loyal fans did this, there would be a something published in the USA today or at least Yahoo news. Every little bit of publicity can help the show and I think this will be an easy and effective way to show our support for the Angel.

This entire week (March 8-14) plan on searching for ’Save Angel from cancellation’ in every popular search engine available. The main target day is this Thursday (because more people will act if given a specific date) but the entire week would also be beneficial.

The main targets are (click each link at least one time) :

Alta Vista

I’ve listed them in order of popularity for a more effective endeavor. I thank everyone for participating and for spreading the word. Good luck!

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