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"Serenity 2" Movie Rumors - Aintitcool.com Review

Saturday 6 October 2007, by Webmaster

This thing keeps filling my emailbox, so here’s the deal.

The website Moviehole did a phone interview with “Serenity” star Alan Tudyk (promoting his new movie “Death at a Funeral”). The key excerpt:

Tudyk says the newly-released “Serenity : Special Edition“ DVD has been selling so hot, that there’s talk in doing another movie.

“They had to put [the new DVD] out because they’ve been selling out of the other one and so Universal’s like ‘So, let’s do another one’. And now… there’s now a chance there’s going to be another movie”.

Judging from the many emails I’ve gotten, there may or may not be the slightest bit of confusion here. I think some readers are taking “another one” to mean “Serenity 2,” when Tudyk is really talking about the “Serenity: Collector’s Edition" DVD (pictured above) that Universal issued several weeks ago.

In other words, I’m guessing the greenlight boys at Universal have not yet told Tudyk (or Tudyk’s pal, “Serenity” mastermind Joss Whedon) anything like, “So let’s make another ‘Serenity’ movie.” Yet.