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Serenity Blueprints to come in 2007

Saturday 13 January 2007, by Webmaster

Big announcements from QMx - less money, more blueprints

qmx.jpgUPDATED Just heard some big news from Andy Gore at QMx about upcoming developments from our favorite replica company. First, the fan club edition of the Alliance Money Pack will be closing officially as of Jan. 31. Remember, this version (with the Miranda map and the possibility of getting the “Golden Ticket”) was a limited offer an that limit is approaching, so if you’ve been holding out now’s your chance to get rid of some of that Christmas money. The regular packs will go back on sale, minus the extras, sometime around March. As he said,

The Browncoat community has been incredibly supportive of QMx and our first product, so we want to make sure all the Browncoats who came out in such huge numbers to support us have something truly remarkable and unique.

(You can also enter our trivia contest for this week to win a money pack)

Second, and this is huge:

QMx has commissioned Geoffrey Mandel (Serenity graphics designer) and Tim Earls (Serenity and Firefly designer) to create, for the first time ever, the definitive set of blueprints of our favorite ship, Serenity. These blueprints will be distilled from literally hundreds of set photos, detailed architectural drawings, cgi files, and pages and pages of background material from the movie and series. They will be *the* definitive resource on Serenity’s design, layout and systems. The blueprint pack will be extensive, printed on large format, high-quality stock, and will include the ship (plus variations!), the shuttles and the mule.

And, as a special bonus, we will also include an exact replica of the Serenity builder plaque on metal foil, printed directly from the original digital file.

No prices detemined yet, but they will be very limited edition of 500 copies, signed by Mr. Mandel and Earls, and they expect to start shipping Serenity Blueprints next month. The set will include 10 18” by 24” sheets (rolled), plus the CoA/autograph/background page and the builder’s plaque, with a price of probably $135 ish.

Whoo! Now we’re talking cool replicas. Cashy money, a Mal gun, a Serenity model, blueprints, and they haven’t been open six months yet. I’m liking what I’m hearing... More details as they become available.