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Serenity Costumes - Pictures posted by fans

By Jeremy

Tuesday 29 June 2004, by Webmaster

It’s been a long 2+ days. Due to my unplanned trip to LA and some complications with some DVDs we’ve been working on at work, I’ve had 2.5 hours of sleep in the last 60+ hours. But I’m back and ready to tell you all about my trip.

The night before I left I was up until 1 am working on some DVDs at the office. I went home for 2.5 hours of sleep (Cosmo my cat, didn’t seem to want me to get even that much sleep...grrr). At 3:30 I was up an headed off to Long Beach via Jet Blue (love that airline). At the airport I met up with Brian, my long time high school friend and fellow browncoat (one of my converts), who managed to get on as an extra too.

Much flying and a few traffic jams later we were at the tailor shop for our fittings. We had arrived early and the lady asked if one of us was Victor, who was late. I replied ’nope’ and she proceeded to start pulling clothes from racks and having us try them on. As I looked around there was a wall of photos with cast members on it, a production calendar (with many spoilers I wish I hadn’t read). I noticed one rack with what looked like armor of some kind. Soon Victor showed up and proceeded to get his costume, turns out he was an extra on Buffy for 4 years (seasons 2 through 6).

As I’m getting final tweaks done to my costume, I hear the door open much to my surprise there’s is Bob! Looking to collect on the free lunch I offered for his help in getting me hooked up with the right people at Background Players. I suppressed the unexpected urge to ask for his autograph, and soon the fitting was over (see pics), some paperwork and we were all off to lunch, including Victor, who needed a ride to a job interview.

We headed off to Paquito Más on Sunset, (passing the billboard that we all thought about buying an ad on). Bob had even more details (and spoilers) about his incredible adventure on the set and Victor told some interesting stories about his years on the Buffy set. I soon envied Bob, knowing full well I don’t stand of a chance of having as complete of an experience as he had, but that’s okay, I’ll be thrilled beyond reason just to watch Joss at work, and to see our BD Hero’s doing their magic.

Our trip ended with some goodbyes, a shopping mall, a quick trip to the beach, C&O’s Trattoria (yum) and a panic drive through traffic back to the Long Beach airport.

Believe it or not, I’m even more excited and anxious for July 12th.

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