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Serenity DVD available to buy in some stores

Sunday 4 December 2005, by Webmaster


I went to dvd depot yesterday evening and they had SERENITY! The outtakes are soooooo funny,the easter egg is on the main page on the right side but you have to left click to get there.They got them in at 5 and were sold out(i got the LAST copy ) at 6!!! There are other store in the area(on 45th and 8th,40th and 8th)who said they are due to get them in on MONDAY(dvd depot on 46th and 8th said they were shocked it sold out so fast(he had no idea)that he said he hope to get som in early next week.So people in NYC and LA hell any place that doesnt follow street dates----ccall those shops out cause our BDH’s have arrive!!!!!!!!!!


Got mine at DVD Palace also in NYC at the corner of 46th and 8th. Came in just after 8pm. Got out of work at midnight and hustled over to get my reserved copy. Loved the extras. Loved the deleted scenes. Loved the outtakes. Loved the three special behind the scenes features. Loved the audio commentary by joss on the deleted scenes. And to my surprise loved the cover art. Unlike the pictures that have been posted it is done in the fashion of Chronicles of Riddick in that shiny(made a pun made a pun made a pun) style that gives it an almost 3-D effect. Trust me fellow Browncoats it literally leaps out at you. People are gonna notice this little tiltle on shelves. Next up watch the BDM. Then watch it with the audio commentary. Then watch it again. Early Christmas present. There is a Santa. His name is Joss Whedon.

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