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Serenity Documentary : "This year, we did the impossible. Next year, we top it."

Sunday 27 August 2006, by Webmaster

Greets, all. We’ve been dancing around putting things in place for a possible run at pulling off screenings of ’Serenity’ in 2007, but a few questions needed to be asked before we did any more ground work. Paul Ginsburg, Universal’s Vice President in charge of Distribution, answered two of the biggest questions we have to know answers to before moving on:

Q: How many prints of ’Serenity’ exist — and will continue to exist
— in 2007? Would enough exist to cover the 45 sites that held the screenings in 2006?

"At this time there are prints. If I know that they are going to be used I can set them aside. I believe I can put aside as many as needed."

Q: If there aren’t actually enough prints left for everyone who wants to do a new round of charity screenings in 2007, how can we work out *theatrical* rights for using the DVD? Would organizers continue to work with Swank, or is there another alternative through Universal?

"If you find a theatre that has DVD capability, I can license you the DVD and you do not need to go through Swank."

We discussed a few other items as well, but I’ll save those for later discussion. (Yes, I know it sounds mysterious. All things in good time.)

So, it looks like we’re "go" for 2007.

Here’s your homework assignment:

Get some rest.

There will be quite a bit of pre-planning in the next months, but the best thing we can all do is not get burned out on the 2007 event before 2007 even arrives. (No need for any more exploding heads than necessary.) You probably won’t hear a great deal on this channel on a regular basis until January. As any news or handy information becomes available, you’ll get it from this list — or one like it, without advertising or whatnot — first.

As the "LifeAndStuff" framework gets fleshed out, we’ll port the 2006 information over to it and re-launch CantStopTheSerenity.com . When that site goes live, we’ll post e-mails here so you can drive it around the block and see how well it handles.

A request: if you’re a graphic designer or web developer, or know someone who would be willing to help out as we get closer to ramp-up, please e-mail me OFF LIST at justdevin@.... (Hell, you can e-mail me regardless. I check this address fairly religiously.)

If you’ve already e-mailed the list with "I want to help planning 2007," I’ve got you down as well.

This year, we did the impossible. Next year, we top it.

— - Pax, Devin Pike

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