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"Serenity" Firefly class ship is #5 on Ign.com’s Ships of the Line

Thursday 24 January 2008, by Webmaster

Commission Date: August 2459

Crew Compliment: Captain Mal Reynolds, a motley crew of space pirates, two fugitives. Flight Data: If space is indeed the final frontier, than this Firefly-class vessel is the 25th Century’s equivalent to a stagecoach. Commanded by Captain Mal Reynolds, Serenity can get in and out of many a scrape and, unlike most heroic vessels starring in their own TV show (and later film), come out welcomingly scathed. Serenity is a vessel that actually feels like a functional space ship, engineered in such a way to accommodate linear access to the engine room and cargo bay from the bridge – and it also aids in the use of one-take, Stedi-Cam tracking shots.

Serenity flies on elbow grease at break-neck speeds, with Wash at her controls and the Alliance nippin’ at her gorram heels. This ship, like its crew, has seen better days. But she has personality, one that says you best make peace with your "dear and fluffy Lord" before even thinking about entering her flight path.

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