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"Serenity : Fruity Oaty Bar" Lunch Box - Available for pre-order !

Saturday 8 December 2007, by Webmaster

Click on the picture to pre-order (you save 20%) :

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  • This is freaking hilarious!!!! I think I have to have one - it’s just such a random piece of merchandise - whatever company made it (or rather whoever came up with the idea) is one of the few beings to "get it" as the saying goes - in fact I could very easily see Joss Whedon wanting one of these! :-)

    The only downside IMO is the lack of a thermos with the Octopoid creature (which I personally call "Miranda" tho my one friend insists it should be called Barney).

    In any case, I have to have one of these. Maybe two. And yes, I fully intend on taking my lunch to work in it. And I never even take lunch to work but will start just so I can enjoy the bemused looks on coworker’s faces when they glance at it...then read it...then try to understand it, to comprehend what it is and how it came to exist...oh, good times to be sure! :-)

    Whoever came up with the idea to make this - I love you! Male, female, indeterminate sex, I love you (purely platonic of course - my anitdepressants have completely done away wth my sex drive which I actually find a surprisingly calm and peaceful way to live, albeit difficult to find an online personals board accomodating for my sexual preference (i.e. None). But hey, everyone can use an extra friend! And I’m not totally against spooning on cold winter’s nights - provided you are at least semi-attractive and follow a good personal hygiene regimen. And don’t mind sharing the bed with several cats.

    But I’ve gotten off track - so in closing, I just want to say again how sublimely fantastic this particular bit of merchandising is. I’ll go so far as to call it Spectacular! I believe it could very well become the universal symbol of the Whedonverse everywhere (er, sorry for the redundancy ). Love it, want one, and cheers to everyone everywhere - especially that mad genius who brought us Serenity and needs to start working on a true Buffyverse spin off series (same universe that our Sunnydale alums live in - give us a new likeable and imperfect gang of misfits we can all identify with, and of course we need to join with them in fighting the forces of evil and darkness with some cool powers and magic and strength (physical and mental and the "character" kind), as well as the evil more diabolical forces of day to day existence (which can be hellish for many of us in its own way!). Mr. Whedon has a responsibility now to the world - and it’s imperative this generation have their Whedon-ish role models to grow up with. And the loyal past gen’s desperately need a weekly return to all of that as well. We Love the comics - but we (and they) also need a television series (or two - and a minimum of five seasons each - preferably eight or more). :-) I truly believe the future - at least a bright one where people are nice to one another, compassionate and most importantly, have a sense of humor, hinges on the masses having exposure to whatever this generation’s Buffy and Angel series will be. And that can only come from Joss (dont’ worry, I don’t have some freaky alter to Joss in my apartment or anything - it’s in my front yard so everyone can see it ). :-) But for real though, we’re long overdue for a series. So get on that, alright Joss? Oh, and make sure A.H. appears as Willow to kick things off in the first episode or two, and makes appearances around sweeps and the season finales. I don’t care what it takes, negotiate and secure her appearance! :-) And then reality will finally make sense again. :-) Well, that and once I win several mil in the Lottery (I could co-finance it!) and that me and my friends and loved ones all have fantatsic healthy happy lives and all that (just so you know I have perspective!). :-) Did I get off track again? Did this start off about a lunch box? Oh well, at least I’m not just another one of those wack-jobs that’s a fan of everything Whedon-ish! :-) :-) :-) Newt, who shall now resume his medication. :-) :-) :-)