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‘Serenity’ Just As Stressful As ’Buffy’

Tuesday 16 November 2004, by Webmaster

"It’s been as stressful, and I thought it’d be less stressful," Whedon said. "I thought I’d be, you know, golfing in between takes and writing sonnets."

“Serenity” will be Whedon’s feature film directorial debut, having spent most of his life working in animation, and then in live-action television through the development of the “Buffy,” “Angel” and “Firefly.”

"Two things have not worked in my favor,” Whedon said of the movie. “One is, although I don’t have three shows to run — and believe me, nothing will ever be as hard as that was —the movie takes up your attention in the way that three shows do.”

Whedon also said that the energies which usually go into developing an entire season worth of stories all come together and go into making a single entity.

“You find you wake up in the middle of the night and go, ’His pants are too baggy.’ And it’s important," he said. "You have to watch everything so carefully, because every mistake that you make is going to be 40 feet high. Whenever you think, ’Well, maybe that’s good enough,’ I just say to myself: ’Cineramadome.’"

Despite his in-depth background in the directing business, Whedon said he’s still overcome with surprises during the production process in terms of the differences between television production and film production.

"Because, even though I know these guys ... I’m still surprised, more than I ever have been in TV," Whedon said. "I’ll do, you know, 10 takes and watch [them] and go, ’Boy, this first one was better than the one with all my notes in it. Remind myself not to tell him that.’ ... (The movie) talks back to you, and it does it while you’re still making it. In TV, it doesn’t do that ’til you’re done, which is what’s different about it."

“Serenity” will reunite all nine members of the “Firefly” cast and will be making its way to movie theaters in April.