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"Serenity" Movie - "Big Damn Fan Audio Commentary" for the River Tam sessions

Tuesday 13 December 2005, by Webmaster

The Pen Is Mightier

At long last, the maintainer of the R. Tam Sessions fansite which tracked these viral videos when they were released back in August (and the maintainer of Big Damn Commentaries itself) has recorded a commentary for those Sessions clips.


It’s difficult to do a commentary for the R. Tam Sessions, since they run, in total, for just under eight minutes. There’s a great deal of information in my notes and on the Session 416 website that simply doesn’t make it into this commentary.

But I had been promising people since Big Damn Commentaries launched that I would sit down and do an R. Tam Sessions commentary, so it was long past due.

In recording this commentary, I watched the R. Tam Sessions on SVCD rather than watching them on my computer at the same time I recorded the mp3 of the commentary.

While listening to the commentary while watching the R. Tam Sessions via SVCD on your television is the better way, it’s functionally equivalent to doing it all on your computer (presuming you have the complete sessions in a single file): Start the commentary with the initial black screen which starts Session 416, Second Excerpt.

Click on the link :