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"Serenity" Movie - Gainesville.com Review

Thursday 16 November 2006, by Webmaster

"Firefly" was another show with a fervent cult following. It was an action-packed Western about a crew of outlaws who’ve "been in trouble with the law since the day they was born." Only it was in space. The sci-fi/Western blend was unusual, but the show only lasted a few episodes before being canceled.

"Serenity" was a big-budget movie that finished off what the TV series started but also worked as a stand-alone movie. Watching the show gives a lot of background, but the movie tells you everything you need to know about Mal, the ex-solider turned renegade spaceship captain, and his merry crew.

Mal is played by Nathan Fillon, whom I recently praised for his turn in "Slither." Aside from having a cool first name, he’s got polite Southern charm, and a winning humorous-tough-guy delivery. He anchors the sometimes-silly, sometimes-corny story that, suffice to say, involves a star-spanning adventure, a superchick autistic butt-kicker and a race of insane stellar cannibal pirates.

"Serenity" is in the vein of the old "Star Wars" movies, in which colorful personalities are just as important as special effects. If you haven’t seen "Firefly," then watching "Serenity" will probably make you want to find a copy. Not because you missed something, but because it’s just that entertaining.