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"Serenity" Movie - I can see you : The River Tam Sessions Story

Friday 16 December 2005, by Webmaster


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15 December 2005

Written by The One True b!X, maintainer of the session416.com fansite. SESSION 416, SECOND EXCERPT

Sometime on August 16, 2005, this clip was posted to the ifilm.com website, although that site claimed the video had been found on an unspecified P2P file-sharing network.

There was some dispute over whether or not that was the case, as no other mention had been found indicating the video came from those networks. It was possible that whoever tipped the ifilm.com website to the video told them they found it on such a network even if they did not, in order to increase the mystique surrounding the clip.

It was rapidly believed to be a piece of viral marketing for Serenity, the major motion picture follow-up to the acclaimed (and short-lived) Joss Whedon television series, Firefly. Up for debate was the matter of whether the video was official marketing or fan-made guerilla marketing.

At the time of its release, the meaning of "Session 416" was unknown, but the clear implication was that it was one of a series of "sessions" with River Tam while she was being held captive and experimented upon by the Alliance.

It had also been pointed out that April 16 (4/16) is the birthday of Sean Maher, who portays Simon Tam — River’s brother — in both Firefly and Serenity, although in retrospect that appears to have been a coincidence.

It was clear, however that this "Session 416" video was meant to be taken as the second excerpt from whatever Session 416 was intended to be.

There was some debate about whether this meant we would eventually see other excerpts from this session (perhaps, it was suggested, a "First Excerpt" which revealed precsely what led up to the events seen in the "Second Excerpt" video), or if the video had been labelled "Second Excerpt" just to give it a sense of narrative "scope" by showing that it was meant to be taken as a small part in some larger context, even if nothing else was ever going to be shown.

The notion of who portrayed River Tam in this clip depended on who you asked. While the majority of viewers appeared to believe it indeed was Summer Glau portraying River Tam, the strong minority was just as certain that it is not.

There was a middle-ground group which argued that it was Summer Glau, but that it was footage taken from some other performance of hers. Most frequently, this group argued that it might be from her performace on the season premier of The 4400, a science-fiction series airing on the USA Network. People who had seen that episode of The 4400 reported that it contained no scene which could have been re-used for the creation of the "Session 416" video.

It was also unknown who portaysed what at the time often was referred to as the Lab-Coated Man. But shortly after the appearance of the video online, people began to suggest that it was either Nathan Fillon (who portays Malcon Reynolds in Firefly and Serenity), or Joss Whedon himself.

Those who argued in favor of Nathan Fillion sometimes pointed to the Lab-Coated Man’s fall to the floor, which in movement resembles several of the falls Fillion takes in episodes of Firefly. Those who argued in favor of Joss Whedon sometimes point to the man’s build and the apparent wedding ring on his left hand.

It was of course entirely possible, given knowledge at the time, that it was neither of these men.

Also under debate was just what was happening to the Lab-Coated Man at the end of the clip. While many viewers clearly recognized that he pulled a bloody pen out of his own neck, some argued that the clip was an example of River killing him with her brain — a reference to a line in an episode of Firefly intended not to reveal one of River’s abilities, but to scare Jayne into believing it.

At the same time, there was some argument over the apparent someone or something that could be seen on the other side of the Lab-Coated Man in the moments leading up to the pulling out of the pen. Some people said it was a hand, others were just as certain that they saw an eye, and that in fact it was River’s eye.

The actual likelihood is that it was some sort of stagehand giving the Lab-Coated Man the pen, and getting himself or herself caught briefly on video.

Also unknown at the time was who produced the "Session 416" video. Much of the debate revolved around whether it was official or fan-made marketing. The thinking was that if it were to be definitively determined whether or not River Tam was portrayed by Summer Glau, that likely would settle the matter, since it was exceedingly unlikely that she would appear in a fan-made video (if for no other reason than union rules).

As stated, one theory said that while it might actually be Summer Glau, it was footage from something else. Originally, this theory suggested that it might have come from Summer’s performance on the season premier of The 4400 on USA Network, but those who had seen the episode reported there is nothing about that story or her performance which is consistent with the "Session 416" video.

One other possibility within this theory existed. According to the official Summer Glau website, the actress had been filming an untitled project in Romania. No details were known (at that point) as to that project’s genre or plot, so at the time it was impossible to determine whether or not the "Session 416" footage could have originated from that project.

One theory advanced was that the footage of the room and the footage of River were two entirely different pieces of video and/or film, with the latter superimposed upon the former. It seemed almost entirely certain that this theory was incorrect.

Watching the video in and around 42 seconds in, focusing on the empty chair in the back, the chair could be seen suddenly to go out of focus, as the camera changed focus in anticipation of River, who would be much closer to the lens when she appears.

There would be no need to shift focus on the room if the River footage was superimposed upon entirely different footage of the room.

It had been suggested, under the superimposition theory, that a clever maker of fan films could possibly have shifted the focus on the background in order to increase the reality of the use of the superimposed footage of River.

While possible, this explanation perhaps didn’t quite pass the test of Occam’s Razor. Which, it was asked, was the simplest explanation between these two:

That these are two pieces of footage made by a fan who had the forethought to change focus in the footage of the room in order to increase the reality of the sudden appearance of River in some second and superimposed footage?

Or that this is a single piece of video/film, shot in a single location and a single time, with the people actually there?

This question remained open to debate in the days following the release of "Session 416, Second Excerpt", and it was accepted that it likely would remain unanswered until either the video’s creators come forward, or another piece in the possible viral marketing campaign was released and/or found.

Upon the release of "Session 416, Second Excerpt" there was some discussion as to whether it was an example only of viral marketing, or if a larger "altnerate reality game" was being rolled out for promotional purposes.

If this indeed was some sort of viral marketing campaign and/or alternate reality game, there were a few things people were trying to keep in mind.

First, some (but by no means all) such campaigns in the past have used a weekly update schedule. This may have been relevant to the "Session 416" video because the original clip apepared on the ifilm.com website on August 16. If this campaign were using a weekly update schedule, August 23 would have been the next day for an update.

This meant that the sudden appearance of a "Paul_Probo" on the official Serenity boards a day or two prior to August 23, and the sudden appearance on August 23 itself of a "John Dowses" claiming to have found a new excerpt of "Session 416" suggested that a weekly update schedule in fact was planned.

"Paul Probo" was the name given by the summer-glau.com fansite for the person who tipped them to the existence of the "Session 416" video, which the site posted while asking for information about what it was and where it came from.

If the "Session 416" video truly was just the first piece in a viral marketing campaign (or outright alternate reality game), then anything and everything was subject to questioning. In other words: "Paul Probo" may have been be a hint or clue towards another piece of the unrolling viral marketing campaign, rather than a real person.

Proponents of the possibility that "Paul Probo" is meant to be a clue pointed out that the Summer Glau fansite in question itself placed the name in quotation marks, suggesting that we were supposed to pay it some attention.

Other instances on that same site of crediting a source did not include placing the name of that source in quotation marks.

As of August 20, only a few hits for "Paul Probo" could be found via Google, and none one of them appeared to have any relevance.

Further likely-irrelevant data someone mentioned at the time: "Probo" (if you put an accent over the second "o") is Spanish for "proved."

Early on August 22, a message from the person who maintains the summer-glau.com fansite on which the name "Paul Probo" appeared was posted on the official Universal boards. In part it read as follows:

"No I’m afraid I’m as intrigued and unfortunately in the dark as the next person.

"Apologies for my lack of replies I’m real busy at the moment but I am still keeping tabs on the situation.

"One of the main things I can think of in regards to the ’paul probo’ issue that leads itself to some kind of viral marketing scheme is the earlyness at which the mysterious ’paul probo’ informed us about the video. It was a good few days before the video was reported elsewhere on the web but due to my usual lack of free time I didnt have chance to post about it on message boards and inform the fellow Browncoats.

"I also find the fact that the poster on the ifilm.com website said they found it on a file sharing site extremely dubious."

Sometime on August 23, the summer-glau.com fansite reported the following: "The plot thickens. We’ve been contacted again by the ever mysterious Paul Probo, possible creator of the Session 416 video. Thats all the information that can be shared for now hopefully more will follow soon."

Also on August 23, one poster at one of the boards following this marketing effort managed to track down the apparent email address of "Paul Probo" and sent them a message. "I am looking for information on River Tam and the Session 416 files," they emailed him. "Please contact me as soon as possible."

The response was this: "Please leave me be, I am a private person and I can’t say anything about that now."

It was noted by some that he said "now" rather than denying he was somehow involved, or saying he couldn’t talk about it at all. There also was some speculation as to whether "I am a private person" meant anything. That the email address used in this exchange was the correct one was confirmed by the ifilm.com website, which also had been in contact with the mysterious "Paul Probo" during this campaign.

One random additional speculation was whether or not stating that he couldn’t "talk about that now" had any bearing upon or reference to another Browncoat’s suggestion that the name "Paul Probo" (through a clever use of Latin) could be interpreted to mean "showing gradually." SESSION 1 EXCERPT

Sometime on August 23, a "John Dowses" signed up for various lists, groups, and boards which have been discussion the "Session 416" video, claiming to have found on Limewire another clip, which he did not describe but allegedly took place prior to the events of "Session 416, Second Excerpt."

Originally, this "John Dowses" reported that he had found the file under the filename "tam_session1" but later said he had gone in and changed it to "RiverTamSession1" instead.

Other people had difficulty in locating this supposed second clip. It was unknown at this time whether or not it truly existed, or if "John Dowses" simply was planting the filename(s) so people knww what to look for next, or if "John Dowses" was a troll with no new or actual information about the campaign

At this stage, three possibilities existed: One, "John Dowses" really did find a new clip and was trying to spread it around; two, "John Dowses" was a plant from the marketing campaign trying to tip us to the new filename(s) we should be looking for (he later claimed to have changed it to "RiverTamSession1"); or three, "John Dowses" was a troll trying to mess with people’s heads.

It should be noted that on one board, at least one poster has taken to pronouncing "John Dowses" as "John Doe" (or, perhaps, "John Does") to illustrate their skepticism.

More importantly, it turned out (as demonstrated to the session416.com fansite via email from another fan paying attention to the campaign) that the letters in "John Dowses" could be rearranged to become... "Joss Whedon." That didn’t, of course, change the possibilities for who this mystery poster was, and didn’t mean that it was actually Joss Whedon.

Eventually, "John Dowses" emailed the file to the maintainer of the session416.com fansite, who then posted it online. It was real, and it was part of the campaign.

This "Session 1 Excerpt" video depicted River Tam (indeed portrayed by Summer Glau) being interviewed by an Academy official (indeed portrayed by Joss Whedon), who is trying to convince River to attend the Academy.

As of the release of "Session 1 Exceprt" it was unquestionable that this was official marketing for the movie, in some fashion, given that Summer Glau and Joss Whedon were directly involved, and that this was footage shot especially for ths viral marketing campaign.

A fan with connections at Universal reported that the studio denied being involved in the production of the "Session 416" video.

At this stage, it was prudent to consider that this denial could be technically correct if it was the product of some marketing firm to whom the task had been outsourced, and also to keep in mind that in order to maintain the mystique necessary to generate buzz about the video, the studio would have to deny being responsible.

Speculation was that the specific name River references when it comes to other students being jealous of her might be some sort of clue. It was unclear just what the name was, but it appeared to be something like "Volger."

On or around August 24, a poster to a UK Serenity board had reported that, in London that night, Joss confirmed that it indeed is him in "Session 416, Second Excerpt" dying from an apparent stabbing-by-pen.

According to the ifilm.com website, also on August 24, they had in their possession four such clips, although it’s unclear whether or not that included "Session 1, Excerpt" which so far they had not posted. In addition, the often-mentioned Summer Glau fansite which first mentioned the mysterious "Paul Probo" reported that "Probo" himself had told them that there were four such clips.

By this time, reports began to surface of Joss and Summer commenting upon this viral marketing campaign.

Over at the UK Browncoat Forums, a poster reported: "Joss confirmed tonight at the London CSTS screening that yes it is, indeed, him being whacked by River."

A later post to the same boards said: "Summer saw the clip on Whedonesque.com she said. And grinned. A lot."

Yet another post there said: "The main reason Joss said he was in the clips is because they were organised at such short noticed. They are part of an ongoing story so expect more."

Meanwhile, a message to the Yahoo! group affiliated with the session416.com fansite reported this: "Joss also said that he took the part because they made the videos so quickly that there wasn’t enough time to cast an actor. It also appears that he directed them, because he talked about doing a fall (supposedly the best the stunt co-ordinator had seen) and then calling cut while lying on the floor."

As of August 25, "Paul Probo" had not responded to emailed questions from maintainer of the session416.com fansite, who asked if he knew the anagrammed "John Dowses," and if he in fact was meant to be a character from the film.

After "John Dowses" sent "Session 1 Excerpt" to the maintainer of the session416.com fansite, he was not heard from him again. The maintainer of the session416.com fansite did email him to ask if he knew the mysterious "Paul Probo" but no reply was ever received. SESSION 22 EXCERPT

Two days after the release of "Session 1 Excerpt," the Summer Glau fansite in contact with "Paul Probo" suddenly released "Session 22 Excerpt."

It was clear from various reports by this point that there were at least four or five clips in total, and it was also clear from this August 25 release that there was not (as had been speculated) a weekly schedule being maintained. It was anybody’s guess when any given new clip could surface.

At various points during these couple of days, both Summer and Joss confirmed (as if it needed confirming at this point) that they were responsible for these clips.

On August 25, not long after Session 22 Excerpt had been released online, Empire Online held a chat with Joss, Nathan, Summer, and Morena. Several questions were asked about the River Tam Sessions, and those exchanges and remarks are included here.

Trienco: The River session videos. How official are they, as Universal still denies knowledge. Are they just playing along or is it handled by someone else?

Summer: Trienco, I don’t know...

Joss: Trienco, I also deny knowledge of those things that I wrote and shot and am in.


SimonWho: Summer, was it fun stabbing Joss in the throat with a pen?

Summer: Always a good laugh!


Joss: beingrad, dance of joy was fun, though I hope never to be asked to do it again. But at the end of the day, what’s more fun than being stabbed in the throat with a pen by Summer? About which I know nothing, and deny any involvement.


Kayley: Are you having fun making the clips for the marketing campaign? Summer: Kayley, it was a whirlwind.


Pete: Joss - when did you come up with the idea for the River Session videos. And when did you and summer get round to filming them?

(This went unanswered, as the chat had just ended.)


Sometime on August 28, the summer-glau.com fansite reported that it the release of a "Session 165 Exceprt" was imminent, likely sometime on August 29. That same source stated that they believed there were five clips in total, and general consensus would indicate that after the release of "Session 165" the only remaining clip left to see would be "Session 416, First Excerpt."

As indicated by that website, "Session 165 Excerpt" indeed was released on August 29.

On that same day, it was learned that Joss himself reportedly said at the Premier that there were a total of five clips, confirming what the summer-glau.com fansite had been reporting.

On August 31, the official Summer Glau website, saying the clips "feature both Summer and Joss Whedon," linked to the session416.com fansite. SESSION 416, FIRST EXCERPT

As expected, once released on September 5, the fifth and final clip turned out to be "Session 416, First Excerpt." It depicted the exchange between River and her Alliance interviewer which led up to the attack whose aftermath is depicted in the original "Session 416, Second Excerpt" clip.

In the wake of the release of "Session 416, First Excerpt" word from those behind the summer-glau.com fansite was that the mysterious "Paul Probo" had at some point said he would answer their questions, but as of September 5, had not responded to any of them. AFTERMATH

On or around September 12, a new discovery was made which may or may not have indicated (at that time) that the viral marketing campaign that was the R. Tam Sessions might not have quite ended with the release of the final "Session 416, First Excerpt" clip.

Many people noticed, upon the release of that final clip, that they could finally see the mysterious Alliance interviewer taking notes upon the pad first seen in the "Session 416, Second Excerpt" clip which launched the campaign. On September 12, it was claimed that those notes existed and in fact had been photographed.

Amongst the information revealed in these mysterious and unconfirmed notes was that there was some sort of "parental waiver" involved in River’s time at the Academy/Institute, and that River indeed was prescribed at least one dosage of the Pax. In addition, the Alliance interviewer portrayed by Joss appears to have diagnosed River as "yin underdeveloped."

On September 13, a post to the Serenity Oz boards reported an exchange with Joss about the Sessions clips.

"I asked him about the viral marketing clips - ’Who exactly were you trying to attract to see Serenity, because they are kind of disturbing.’

"He agreed they are disturbing. The idea to do something like that was presented to him by (I think) the UIP people who showed him a clip of (I think) a Dutch(?) guy lipsynching to something. (Other people at the table knew about this clip - I was clueless). They kept saying to Joss ’isn’t this cool!’ He wasn’t so sure. They wanted him to write something and film it with Summer Glau and were all enthusiastic about doing it that Saturday. Joss said ’But, umm, I haven’t written it yet. And It’s already Thursday. And Summer is in Texas!’

"But they did it anyway. He decided that it would be really great to show River ’slowly going insane at the Academy.’

"And then he realised ’the back of my head is going to have to act... with SUMMER GLAU! Which means I’m going to have to remember everything I wrote or I’m going to look stupid.’

"He agreed with me in a very heartfelt way when I commented on how good Summer was in the clips. He was very proud of the fall he did in the first clip released - ’I had bruises!’.

"’So River killed you with your own pen?’

"Joss: ’Yes, River stabbed me in the throat with a pen - seemed appropriate.’

"I asked if it was specifically the Hands of Blue that River was talking to when she looks through the glass - he said it was just whoever is on the other side of the monitor.

"He said his one regret about the viral marketing clips was that he didn’t find a way to get a shot of Summer’s feet in them. I said there was a good shot of them in the BDM and he said ’Oh, more than one!’"

During a publicity tour of Australia, Joss Whedon was asked by Anne, a member of the Yahoo! group affiliated with the session416.com fansite about the mysterious just-surfaced R. Tam Sessions notebook (of which more had been posted). The short answer: These pages appeared to be, for lack of a better term, fanfic.

Anne reported the following: "When asking Joss about the viral marketing campaign, I asked if there intended to have more released as there was now photos of the journal online. He asked for more information as he did not know what was written in the journal, I told him it had information about River’s treatment and the word "Udderific" as some fans wanted to know what it meant. He said that he never did it but was happy that there was the interest amongst fans to do something like this."

Via a post to the Universal boards came more from Joss in Australia, where in Melbourne he reportedly said: "It ain’t a virus if somebody doesn’t catch it. I didn’t do that somebody else did. But I love it."

On or around September 19, The Movieguy posted a video of his interview with Seam Maher (Simon Tam) and Summer Glau (River Tam), presumably from the recent official press junket. In it, he asked Summer about the Session clips.

At the start of this part, Summer’s face lit up and she leaned forward expectantly, as if she was fairly excited that a press person on this junket was actually asking her about these clips.

CHUCK: "... but can we talk a little about Session 416? Because I stumbled across it and I just thought it was a great... I’m like ’what is going on here?’ Wha... wha... why did that happen?"

SUMMER: "Well, it was um... it was an idea that Joss had and I had been shooting a movie in Louisiana and he called me and he said, ’Are you coming to town soon?’ and I said, ’well actually I’m coming in for a few days’ and he said, ’well we’re gonna do this thing and I haven’t written it yet but just um... be ready.’ And when I read it I just, I thought it was a fantastic idea because most people had a vision of what they thought had happened to River before Firefly, the story began and I... My favorite thing about that process, the short story that we told, was that you got to see River before the Alliance had gotten their hands on her and see how happy she was and how innocent and how ready for the world she was and her slow decent into what she had become in the film."

Interview with Joss Whedon by Gabriel Wilder, Sydney, September 12. Original transcript of an interview that was used as the basis for a story that appeared in Icon in The Sydney Morning Herald on October 1.

GW: "How did you come to make the Sessions?"

JW: "They [Universal executives] said, ’Here’s this cool thing on the internet, you can do things that can attract people that don’t know about the show by doing something weird and interesting. Like there’s this guy - he’s a fat guy lipsynching to a Dutch [note: actually Romanian] song in his room on his web cam.’"

GW: "Oh yeah, that was funny."

JW: "It was very funny; but I was like: ’What exactly am I s’posed to do with this information? That you like this?’ They were just like, ’We just think this is cool’. And I said, ’I think it’s cool too, I think cars are cool, but I don’t know how to use one to sell a movie.’"

[Then he adds, very quickly, almost in one breath] "And I said, ’I mean if you’re going to do something like that, a little thing, one person in a room, it would be cool. We might do maybe a series of interviews where we go back from before the show or the movie and show River Tam happy and see what she was like before and see how she slowly went insane. And maybe we could start with something horrible and get people in that way and backtrack’. And I pitched the whole thing out and they were like, ’... Oh ... kay ... Great, let’s do it on Saturday.’"

"And I’m like, ’It’s Thursday, and Summer’s in Texas and I haven’t written it’, and they’re like, ’Yeah, Saturday’s good.’"

"So I went and wrote it, got together a tiny video crew, and I was like, ’I’ll be the doctor, cause you just see the back of his head and it will save money and time and it will be cheap and Summer will learn nine pages of very difficult dialogue of somebody at five completely different stages in her life and do them all in a row, in one day, cause she’s Summer, and it will all be great.’ And so it was really fun."

"The idea of the first one was very much just to do something very unsettling, that moment of her looking at the camera and saying, [whispers] ’I can see you ...’ If you’re alone in your room and you’re just trolling through videos and this girl says that to you, I think it’s a little scary. And then we see the pathos of how she got to become that, and it informs the movie - it’s different than the movie. You know, some people were like, ’Well do you think it’s a good marketing tool, because it’s kind of horrific’, but it’s also kinda tragic and ultimately ... she breaks my heart.’"

"[Summer] is amazing - that one scene where she’s asking to be let out at the very end after her last line, and that one tear runs down her cheek. [Traces a line down his cheek] It’s just fabulous."

GW: "Buffy could do that too."

JW: "Yeah. I can’t do that. I can do a little [puts his finger under one nostril] on cue, but not with the tears."

GW: "Is a performance like that difficult for Summer?"

JW: "She has to take her moment like any actress, but it’s amazingly easy and it’s hilarious because my imitation of her is that she’s Mickey Mantle, the baseball player, going up to the plate saying, ’Ooh, what’s gonna happen? Is he going to throw this sphere at me? Do I swing this? Is it good? Is this the plate? What do I do?’ Then, boom, home run. She gets so unsure of herself, then gives these performances and grips are weeping, the sound guy is welling up with tears; and she’s like, ’Was that OK? Cause I don’t know if it’s good that I hit the home run...’"

On October 5, Nathan Fillion and Summer Glau participated in a web-based chat in the UK. There was a brief exchange about the R. Tam Sessions.

Donna: "Summer, I loved the sessions, they were an amazing way to promote the film. Any chance they will be on the dvd release?"

Summer: "I hope so. We worked hard on them. And I had lots of bad dreams."

Early in October, someone finally responded to the front-page plea on the session416.com fansite for people involved in the R. Tam Sessions to get in touch. Someone who said they were involved in the shoot sent some information.

According to this source, the Sessions were shot at a very small studio in Studio City, on June 18, 2005 (this matches what Joss has said about the shoot occuring on a Saturday). The crew apparently was "fairly minimal" (a director of photography, an assistant director, a handful of grips, a couple of producers and a few production assistants). This source says there was also a set dresser but that "his job took all of 15 minutes" since it involved just a table, a couple of chairs, and a grey backdrop.

Joss reportedly often "stayed in character" when directing the Sessions (for example, when yelling "cut" at the end of a take).

It was an all day shoot, with several takes of each segment.

For those obsessed, like Joss, with Summer’s feet, she apparently was wearing UGG boots the entire time (since you never actually see her feet in the Sessions clips.

During an exclusive interview with Summer in November by her official website, she was asked about the Sessions.

Q: Moving on to Serenity the film had an incredibly innovative marketing campaign and part of that was The River Tam sessions which were incredibly haunting. How did you get involved with that and what was it like to portray River at such different stages of mental deterioration?

A: It was very exciting for me to be involved in that. I was in Texas and I was getting ready to go to Louisiana to shoot Mammoth, although we didn’t end up shooting there. Joss called me and said "Where are you? Can you come back for the weekend? I have this idea but I need to write it!" I was thrilled and I felt it was really important for people to see River before anything happened to her, when she was happy and full of hope.

I loved doing it. It was just Joss and me and it’s a really special memory for me. I thought the script was very haunting. I remember when I was trying to memorize it, I hadn’t been in my LA apartment for a month. I was lying in bed trying to memorize the dialogue that I was going to shoot the next morning. I couldn’t sleep that night going in and out of bad dreams and talking to myself. I got scared from trying to prepare for those emotional scenes. It was a hard night to get through, the words were powerful.

Q: Plus you got to stab Joss with a pencil!

A: I know! That was so funny because the camera was very tight on Joss and I was having to lean out of the shot and Vickie, who is one of my dear friends who does my hair and did my hair for the feature, was pouring all the fake blood. It was all very makeshift. It felt like we were making a home movie in the garage. It was really fun!

I love the way Joss chose to do it (the viral marketing campaign). I thought it was brilliant- really fun. Because we had to wait so long for the movie to come out after we shot it, it was a nice little snack for the fans to tide them over.