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"Serenity" Movie : Psst, Wanna a Free HD-DVD ?

Phillip Swann

Thursday 18 January 2007, by Webmaster

Hackers are offering free copies of the film Serenity using the BitTorrent file-sharing tool.

Washington, D.C. (January 17, 2007) — This morning, some Hollywood studio executives could use a little "serenity."

The film industry is up in arms over the recent hacking of the anti-copying software for HD-DVD high-def discs. And over the weekend, some hackers distributed free HD-DVD copies of the 2005 Universal sci-fi film Serenity using the BitTorrent file-sharing tool.

While HD-DVD is the hackers’ current target of choice, many piracy experts believe they will be able to unlock the Blu-ray code as well. However, until Blu-ray is hacked, the high-def format could gain an edge over its rival due to security concerns from the studios.

The latest development, while arguably inevitable, will undoubtedly stir fears in Hollywood that film pirates will successfully bootleg their high-resolution titles..

A Universal studio spokeswoman refused to comment when asked about the Serenity hacking, according to The New York Times. Universal is the only studio that’s solely supporting HD-DVD over Blu-ray.

Michael Ayers, a lawyer for Toshiba, the leading company behind HD-DVD, downplayed concerns that the hackers have learned how to steal all titles.

"It’s like somebody picked the lock on an individual house, but he has not discovered the secrets to lock-making at the master padlock company," Ayers told the New York Times.

But security experts told the newspaper that this is just the beginning.

"Data is inherently copyable, just as water is inherently wet," said Bruce Schneier, chief technology officer of BT Counterpane. "All the technology companies are doing is putting in tricks to make it harder to copy. But all they are is tricks."