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’Serenity’ Movie Screenings - Theater Managers Threathened !

Saturday 30 April 2005, by Webmaster


Serenity Cast/Crew Post subject: Good News/Bad News

Me again!!!! (Sorry. I just get very excited about me.)

Well, it looks like you guys are still flyin’ since we sold out all 10 venues in less than a day! Huzzah!

Well, yeah, Huzzah unless you couldn’t get in. Then the world is a dark, existential moonscape of lonely suffering. I totally get that, but here’s the thing:

The Uni brass just gave me word that certain theater managers who couldn’t provide tickets were... how can I put this delicately... THREATENED. Seriously. Which is both touching and, hey, totally uncool. Yes, we need to show our excitement about the film to make the world stand up and listen, but we must use the peaceful, time-honored ways: writing letters and e-mails, working booths and throwing parties, and lining up for months in front of theaters that aren’t showing the movie.

This screening is an unual event to say the least, but if it makes more people grouchy than happy, then lameness is involved. So you know I’ll be talking to the brass about it. If we can get something else planned for later, suh-WEET but the movie belongs to them and I gotta respect their marketing plan. And we all gotta chill on the theater peeps who have even less say in this than anyone. I’ll E more when more is knowable.

We’re Browncoats, dammit, not Arsenal fans! (Well, some of us are both. But peaceful, non-rioty Arsenal fans.)

Peace to th’ pepps, yo! -j. (Yes, I can too say ’yo’.)