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Serenity Returns to Indianapolis

Friday 23 March 2007, by Webmaster

Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to let everyone know that Serenity will be showing at the Indianapolis International Film Festival on April 28th and 29th as part of their Science Fiction Section. That’s right, not just one, but two showings! Lots of details here: http://indyscifi.blogspot.com

In addition to Serenity (as if that wasn’t enough) we are also showing Done the Impossible and the Buffy Sing-a-Long. I think this is what happens when Joss-obsessed fan gets put in charge of something. Lots of other scifi stuff to be announced later, but clearly these are the most important!

Tickets go on sale April 12th, announcement with specific times for showings will be this coming Wed. 3/28.

I really hope that both the Indy Browncoats and Bloomington Browncoats will be able to attend! I also hope that I won’t be the only one in my Jayne hat!

Im looking for some people to lead singing before Serenity (Firefly Theme and Jayne), keeping in the grand tradition of the pre-screenings. Also, for any Buffy/Angel fans Im looking for somebody interested in debating about who would win in a fight - cavemen or astronauts? And if you would just like to be involved somehow, please let me know.

Keep Flyin’ and Stay Shiny!