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"Serenity" Role Playing Game (RPG) nominated for ENnie roleplaying game Awards

Tuesday 11 July 2006, by Webmaster

Best Production Values

Awarded for the book exemplifying the best production values, from graphicdesign and layout, editing, paper, binding- all the factors that combine to create the look and feel of the product.

# Artesia, Archaia Studios Press

# A Game of Thrones, Guardians of Order

# Legend of the Five Rings 3rd ed., Alderac Entertainment Group The L5R RPG returns to the Roll & Keep system first released in 1996. R&K best simulates the tension, reality, & lethality of Samurai drama.

# Serenity RPG, Margaret Weis Productions

# The Shackled City Adventure Path, Paizo Publishing # Honourable Mention: Exalted 2nd Ed, White Wolf Publishing