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Serenity UK - The Box Job - July

Friday 1 July 2005, by Webmaster

The Concept

UK browncoats fund me buying 10 Firefly DVD boxsets. I will take these boxsets, and add SERENITY promotional material, a letter from fans detailing about the series and what it means to us (signed with the names of those who donate), and make it into a ten SERENITY BOXES.

Additionally, it will include two trailers for SERENITY on an exclusive DVD.

The Serenity Boxes will be distributed to 10 film and television critics across the UK, for local and national newspapers.

How much money is needed?

A suggested donation would be 5. If 40 people donate a fiver, we will have enough to purchase all the box sets, material and postage.


Serenity needs publicity in the UK. Whilst it is selling #4 on the Amazon US DVD charts (#2 for Television), it is about #250 in the UK. That’s a huge difference. UIP (the UK distributors) will be doing their best to raise the profile in the UK - but if a film critic receives a personally put together package from the fans about the movie with trailers and FIREFLY DVDs, they are more likely to pay it some serious attention.

SERENITY opens 1 week after the US. The 2nd weekend box office is critical for financial viability of the movie in terms of sequels, and as such if the film completely fails to impact here it will not be good news.

How can I pay?

Just click here -> http://tinyurl.com/7po2q

You can pay online above using Switch, Visa, Delta etc etc.

Please also email me (promote@whoisriver.com) to let me know your full (or first) name if you donate for the letter.

How do I know the money will be used properly?

I post on this forum all the time. The money will be used only for this purpose. If there’s any problems, I will refund the money via Paypal.

When we reach the target I will photograph the boxsets as they arrive, and post photos of the finished SERENITY boxes.

I will post statements each week as to how much money we’ve raised.

What happens if we raise MORE money than targetted?

We’ll buy more boxes! If we run out of people to target the boxsets at, the remaining money will be donated to charity.

Small print?

It’s nothing to do with Universal, UIP etc etc. This is a browncoat job to keep flyin’.

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