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Serenity is at #101 on Villagevoice.com Film Poll Results

Sunday 1 January 2006, by Webmaster

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  • kung fu hustle was rated higher than serenity on this list .... so this list makes no sense at all who ever made this list or voted on it are idiots
  • Actually, now that the browncoats have stopped trying to inflate every movie poll with votes for Serenity. We might actually be able to get a real perspective on where it actually stands in the common persons mind.

    I liked the movie, it’s not so important to me that everyone else does too.

  • The Voice is the major free weekly paper in new york that tells you what’s going on around town, for those who dunno that. The ranking is a bit disappointing, but not shocking. That said, I point to how the dvds are doing right now as a better measure of the film’s success. It doesn’t matter how popular something is if it sells tickets or dvds, which it’s doing right now. Granted it’s not on the scale of harry potty, but no one ever expected that.