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Serenity on the Screen - The Buzz Log - Search Spikes and Trends

Friday 29 April 2005, by Webmaster

Forgettable flicks are foisted on unsuspecting moviegoers every week. So when a film like Serenity comes along — one that fans actually want to see — we’re obliged to take notice. The cinematic offshoot of the defunct Firefly TV show doesn’t boast an A-list cast, but with searches up 95%, it doesn’t need one. Diehard fans who’ve clamored for creator Joss Whedon to take his now-cancelled sci-fi series to the big screen sent searches on "Serenity trailer" from near nothing into the thousands. Watch it slowly folks, ’cause it’s gonna have to hold you until the film hits theaters in late September. It’s still a bit early to predict if any of the cast’s collection of relative unknowns will achieve breakout status in the Buzz, but if anyone’s going to do it, it’ll be Summer Glau. We speak from experience when we say nothing sends guys running to the Search box like a hot but psychotic stowaway with telepathic abilities. Men...they’re so predictable.