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’Serenity’ preview in London ! - Tuesday 8th February, 2005

By Capneric

Saturday 29 January 2005, by Webmaster

This is for Starfury : Serenity ticket holders ONLY !!

""As many of you may have been reading on the internet, Universal have been conducting a series of test screenings of an advance print of SERENITY to gauge audience reaction to the film.

At 6:30pm on Tuesday 8th February, Universal will be showing SERENITY for the first time outside of the US at a cinema in central London.

It is not a complete version of the film. The music score has yet to be done, and the bulk of the special effects have yet to be completed. It may also undergo further re-edits or changes between now and the final release in September.

Chris Buchanan, the producer of SERENITY, and Michael Boretz, Joss Whedon’s assistant, thought it would be cool to let British Browncoats have an incredible opportunity to see SERENITY a full 8 months prior to release!

They have kindly asked Universal to make a number of tickets available exclusively to STARFURY to distribute to FIREFLY Fans.

So if you’ve booked to attend STARFURY: SERENITY, and you’ll be able to get to central London by 6:30pm on Tuesday 8th February, you could end up seeing SERENITY!

If you are a ticket holder for STARFURY: SERENITY and whish to go to this screening, please e-mail me at SeanHarry@aol.com requesting tickets. Please let me know your ticket number for STARFURY : SERENITY (it’ll be strictly one film ticket per attendee).

Alternatively you can phone me on 07930 319 119 anytime between 10am to 6pm Monday through Friday.

If any tickets are still available on Wednesday then we will make them available for those who have not booked to attend STARFURY: SERENITY as well."