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Seth Green

Seth Green : Animated Guy - Tvguide.com Article

by Angel Cohn

Monday 16 August 2004, by Webmaster

Seth Green is best known as Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s werewolf Oz and Dr. Evil’s son in the Austin Powers movies. But he’s thrilled to be reprising his role as dimwitted teenager Chris Griffin on the short-lived (but much-loved) Family Guy. After abruptly canceling it a few years back, Fox has decided to resurrect the animated comedy series. New episodes start in 2005, but to catch you up, a mini-marathon of old episodes will air on Aug. 18 and 25 at 8 pm/ET. Green’s glad the cartoon is getting a second life.

"We’ve already done like six episodes," Green says excitedly. "It is directly as a result of the fan support because everybody bought the DVDs. It is the only time a corporation like Fox had to say, ’Maybe we didn’t understand this show, but it is undeniable that it is popular and it makes money.’"

Since he’s heading back into the world of cartoon characters, will he also do the upcoming animated version of Buffy? "Nobody has even approached me," the 30-year-old sighs. "I don’t know a thing about it, so I couldn’t tell you."

He will tell you unequivocally that co-starring with Matthew Lillard and Punk’d boy Dax Shepard in his new film, Without a Paddle (opening Aug. 18), is a barrel of laughs. "It is honestly the most fun I’ve ever had making a movie," he says. "It was the most creatively challenged and satisfied I’ve ever felt because I was working on something that, everyday, I was pushed. We just had so much fun. As much as we were risking our lives [doing canoeing stunts], and as much as it was the longest hours and an exhausting schedule, it was just a blast to go to work."

He was especially happy to get a chance to act alongside screen icon Burt Reynolds, whose appearance in Paddle is a wink at his work in the 1972 film Deliverance. "[Reynolds] really made an effort to make us all feel like we were on the same level," Green says. "He is just such a neat guy to get to hang out with, and it was a real treat to get to spend so much time [with him]. He shared so many stories, you can’t even imagine. We just sat rapt with attention."

However, Green realized pretty quickly that they don’t exactly have too much in common. "On my day off, I went and saw Tomb Raider 2. Huge mistake, I’ll say it," he laughs. "But Burt, on his day off, killed a deer and then absorbed its spirit. I mean way different vacation plans."