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Seth Green

Seth Green - April 2007 - Sethgreenonline.com Q & A

Monday 7 May 2007, by Webmaster

In "The Italian Job" you played a computer genius - are you any good with computers or do you just get along with knowing the basics? - Kate, Nottingham, England

I frequently punch my computer because of its inability to do what I need without some ridiculous set of rules. - Seth

What is your absolute favorite book and why? - Sammy, New York, NY

Star Jones’ autobiography, it’s one of the most compelling and inclusive works of American literature. - Seth

If there were any other job in the world you could have, what would you choose and why? - Vanessa, London

I’d like to be one of the guys who rivets together giant beams at the top of skyscrapers. Nothing like working with your hands in a very dangerous place. - Seth

Who do you find to be the sexiest cartoon character? - Amber, Belleville, IL

I always thought Jessica Rabbit was hot. - Seth

I know this may seem random, and probably isn’t a question you get asked a lot, but do you have a favorite magician/illusionist, like Houdini or Criss Angel? - Samantha, Austin, TX

Criss Angel? Wasn’t that the guy from O-Town? - Seth

What question would YOU love to be asked, but no one has asked you (yet)? - Sheryl, Bloomington, IN

That exact one, thank you. Finally! - Seth