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Seth Green

Seth Green - November 2006 - Sethgreenonline.com Q & A

Monday 4 December 2006, by Webmaster

Q’s: Seth, If you could choose a role from any movie you’ve ever seen, which role do you think you would’ve liked to play? - Caleb, Sevierville, TN

I really wanted to play the part Wes Bentley got in "American Beauty" but when I saw the film, I understood why I didn’t get it. I thought he was great and the film was perfect.

Q’s: As opposed to making their own judgments and stereotypes, what is one thing you want people to know about the real you? - Kristy, San Diego, CA

I’m not interested in people knowing things about the real me.

Q’s:You recently appeared in the show "Entourage." In your experience, does the show depict the reality of life as a movie star? In what ways does it or doesn’t it? - Matthew, Chicago, IL

There are many aspects of that show that are true to life but exaggerated, the greatest truth of that show is that you need to keep your friends close. Celebrity is beguiling and distorting of people’s personalities and you need to surround yourself with people who keep you genuine.

Q’s: Do you watch the things that you have been in when they come on TV? - Amanda, Brentwood, TN

I see everything I’ve been in eventually.

Q’s: Did you come up with the phrase "cha-ching" that you used in those Rally’s commercials in the early ’90s? And how big would you say those commercials got while they were running? Do people still associate that phrase with you? - Mike, San Diego, CA

The catchphrase was something invented by the ad agency that handled Rally’s and I was just an actor for hire. "Cha-ching" as a catchphrase became something on par, at least locally, with Beatlemania. One year, I was flown to New Orleans to lead a cheer at the SuperDome at the halftime of a game between the Saints and the Los Angeles Raiders, and every single person in that stadium participated. It was a surreal experience, a very bizarre trip.