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Seth Green

Seth Green - "Party Monster" Movie - Michael Alig Radaronline.com Interview

Friday 27 October 2006, by Webmaster

In Party Monster, your friend James St. James characterized you as a spoiled sociopath. Are the two of you still friends?

James doesn’t come up to visit. He says he doesn’t have any money. I guess he spent all the money he made raking over my life story. He claims he didn’t make any money from that though ... he claims they took advantage of him. Poor James was taken advantage of selling my story.

What did you think of the way Macaulay Culkin portrayed you in the film version?

Honestly, um, I don’t think he did a very good job. Seth [Green] did a really good job of playing James. Macaulay’s portrayal of me is more Richie Rich than me. I saw some clips that made me cringe.