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Sfgate.com - Joss Whedon Fans Don’t Scare Me Any More

Saturday 8 October 2005, by Webmaster

I’ve received enough totally-not-frightening e-mails from "Serenity" fans — more than 100 so far — in the last 18 hours to completely drown out the small amount of negativity that caused me to write yesterday’s post (see below). It’s clear that I initially heard from the vocal minority, and they don’t represent "Firefly" followers as a whole.

I surrender under the weight of your overwhelmingly pleasant e-mails. Please accept this dove as a gesture of peace.

I also looked at the review again and realized places where fans might have a legitimate gripe. When I said the 2002 reviews for "Firefly" were "generally unfavorable," I was referring to mainstream newspaper and magazine reviews, which is extremely archaic in this day and age. Even looking back even at just the newspaper reviews, "generally unfavorable" might be a little harsh. I probably should have gone with something like "less than effusive."

I can also see where someone who didn’t read my article celebrating the cult of Boba Fett three months ago might have found my self-depracating swipes at geekdom as yet another attack by an outsider.

In the end, I just want people to see "Serenity," and thought fans attacking critics who liked the movie was a bad way to go about it. My motivation for the blog post wasn’t to quash criticism, which I was happy to see in a few of the new e-mails as well. Some people pointed out that I chose to highlight the negative about "Firefly" followers, so here’s the positive:

A group of fans helped convince a major Hollywood studio to revive a low-rated and misunderstood TV series and turn it into a movie. The end result is a film that is so good that it has to find a following, whether in the initial theater release or later on DVD and cable. (Sooner or later, there will be a sequel.) This is a victory for the ages, and every fan who was a part of it should feel proud of their efforts.