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Sideshow Toys announces his new 12" license : "Angel The Series"

Saturday 17 December 2005, by Webmaster


New Fox License to Include Angel’s Retinue of Investigators

Sideshow Collectibles - Westlake Village, CA - (November, 2005) - Angel, the 250-year-old "souled" vampire who spun off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer to become an avenger for good is the most recent television icon to be added to Sideshow Collectibles’ family of 1:6 scale figures. In a landmark new licensing agreement with Fox Television, Sideshow will recreate the redemptive hero and many of his cohorts and nemeses from the popular WB drama. Angel, (played by David Boreanaz), recently closed out a run of five highly-rated seasons of supernatural detective work amid the netherworlds of modern Los Angeles. And, thanks to the many gifted sculptors, designers, and fabricators at Sideshow, Angel’s legacy will live on in a series vivid, posable action figures. The first figures will be available in the third quarter, 2006 and priced at an MSRP $ 45.00. The figures will be available at comic and collector shops worldwide and directly at www.sideshowcollectibles.com.

According to Sideshow Collectibles’ Creative Director, Tom Gilliland, "Our Buffy the Vampire Slayer line-including three previous Angel figures-has been one of our most popular one-sixth scale endeavors. We welcome the challenge of expanding that universe with each of Angel’s many memorable characters." Michael Peikoff, VP of domestic licensing for 20th Century Fox stated "Sideshow has always done a brilliant job of translating our content into collectibles that genuinely resonate with the fan base- and we are thrilled they will be bringing ’Angel’ to the marketplace-their creative team is one of the best in the Industry." About Angel

In the gloomy alleys and darkest corners of Los Angeles, there lurks a champion for the lost souls of humanity. He haunts the shadows fighting for those that have no one to help them conquer the many demons that plague them. Angel is their hero - a souled vampire with the mission of helping the helpless in hopes of redeeming himself for the century of atrocities he inflicted on the innocent during his existence as the terrifyingly brutal vampire Angelus. The only spin-off from Joss Whedon’s acclaimed series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel evolved into just as beloved a series with fans, captivating viewers with its darker, edgier stories about the pitfalls of adulthood and the pain of becoming redeemed. For five seasons, Angel and his brave gang of allies took on the challenges of the city, forming Angel Investigations and solving cases that no one else could.

Angel’s new life on the series started after leaving his true love Buffy Summers at the Hellmouth. Landing in L.A., fate teamed Angel with the acerbic Cordelia Chase, also formerly of Sunnydale, and the half-demon Doyle (Glenn Quinn), a seer of visions from the Powers that Be which guided Angel’s early missions. In the early days, Doyle was the first to sacrifice his life for their new cause and in his place the team eventually grew to include: the former Watcher, Wesley Wyndam-Price (Alexis Denisof), demon street fighter Charles Gunn (J.August Richards), the green skinned club owner Lorne (Andy Hallett), brainy scientist Winifred Burkle (Amy Acker) and eventually, Angel’s own vampire kin and rival, Spike (James Marsters).

Together over the years, they sacrificed their lives, their loves, their security and their futures to joing Angel in a fight against the forces of darkness. Be it the evil law firm of Wolfram & Hart, Angel’s old love Darla, a terrifying demon known as The Beast or even Angel’s own son, Connor, they stood united each week to face the worst that hell could summon.

About Fox Licensing & Merchandising

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About Sideshow Collectibles

Since its inception in 1994, Sideshow Collectibles has been a specialty manufacturer of licensed and proprietary collectible products that reflect a passion toward creating unique, highly sought after figure collectibles, as well as film prop replicas and fine art collectibles. The Sideshow artisans are renowned sculptors, experienced model makers, painters and costumers whose collaborative efforts result in intricately detailed likenesses of popular characters, including film and television monsters, villains, heroes and mystical creatures of fantasy, as well as legendary figures form history. Sideshow artisans have regularly distinguished themselves for their ability to achieve a level of authenticity seldom seen in the figure collectible arena.

Sideshow is the premier source for highly collectible figures, statues, busts, framed art, prop replicas and figure-study maquettes. Sideshow products are available online at: www.sideshowcollectibles.com, as well as through specialty shops, comic book stores, and via collectible web sites worldwide.