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From Rogueindependence.co.uk


Slayerfest Event - Saturday 2nd July 2005

Monday 30 May 2005, by Webmaster

Rogue Independece brings you SLAYERFEST - It’s Back with Bits!!

DATE: Saturday 2nd July 2005

VENUE: The Caxton Theatre, Grimsby - UK

TIME: 7pm onwards



ANDY HALLETT!!! (Lorne - The Host)


JENNY MOLLEN!! (Nina - Angel’s Love interest in Season 5, and a werewolf too)

On top of the Q&A sessions, there will be the opportunity to take autographs and obtain signatures (although for further details contact: rogue@rogueindependence.co.uk)

There will also be raffle to win many signed goodies, and Special FX make-up demos, and knowing Andy, there will probably be the opportunity of a fancy dress party.

AND THE PROCEEDINGS GO TO CHARITY the Caxton Theatre’s Disabled Access Fund!.

The previous SlayerFest proved to be a great success. The guests included: Julie Benz, Amber Benson and Clare Kramer. So this one promises to be a real HOOT!!

Specially knowing that Andy Hallett will be there!!!

Book Now by calling the Theatre Direct on 01472 346251.