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SoCal "Can’t Stop the Serenity" screening - Fan Report

Sunday 24 June 2007, by Webmaster

Well, A & I went with dreamlogic to the SoCal Browncoats CSTS screening last night, and it was a hoot and a holler. Truly wonderful to see it on the Big Screen again - maybe only my 4th time, I think.

There was a pre-film auction of QMx’s last available copy of the Limited Edition Serenity blueprints - #10 out 50 of the special FEP versions (Final Engineering Proofs) - and bidding got quite spirited, led by Andy of QMx. Um, I should know just how spirited, because A & I were one set of the three final high bidders, and we *gulp* won the auction, coming in at *gulp* $500.

It was seriously nifty. Auctions are infectious fun anyway, and A kept goading me on (as he is wont to do) and bidding for me, knowing I really wanted it, but with also with us feeling really good about it ’cause the cash goes to Equality Now. The rest of the audience got way into it, oohing and aahing with each additional bid, and really spinning out the action.

So the blueprint is sitting on my diningroom table, still in its tube and wrapped in bubblewrap ’cause I’m afraid to open it and hurt it. But I will... open it, that is. Carefully.

It is, after all, a $500 piece of paper... pieces of paper...

The movie was a big group shout-and-cheer fest, and for the most part, an awesome audience, with the exception of the very annoying-and-clueless guy who sat right behind us and talked all the way through the entire 119 minutes of the movie. He had never seen Serenity before, and additionally, seemed to be fairly thick-headed, asking continual (and continuous) questions (of his companion? his neighbors? the world?) like, "Where are they going now?" and "What did he just say?" and "Are they all dead?" and adding other helpful bits of running commentary, such as "Oooh, that’s not good" and "She is pretty" and "That doesn’t look safe" and "Was it poison?" "Oh, he hit him." "Oh, ouch, that musta hurt."

*sigh, snort*

Honestly, he was the kindof guy who is impervious to his neighbors - we asked him to please be "quiet" and "ssssh" and "seriously, please shut up" and it had exactly zero effect. He talked non-stop through every major emotional and moving moment in the film. At one point, A & I just started laughing, because we if we had stayed being annoyed, the only way to go would have involved immediate and bloody homicide.

Anyways, the SoCal Browncoats did a great job, the raffle prizes were very cool, and, seriously clueless assholes notwithstanding, seeing this helluva movie with Browncoats again was worth every annoyance and dollar.

For Equality Now, and in honor of Joss. Woo-hoo!