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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Spec about the delay of the AtS season 2 (region 1) DVD

Sunday 1 June 2003, by Webmaster

Still a bit behind on the season summary. As before, it’s not as easy to write as I thought and it’s taking a bit longer. Look for it this weekend.

In addition, I’ve decided that instead of putting the entire site on hiatus for a week or so while I get things tuned for the changeover, I’m going to keep on posting. However, it will be much more sporadic. In fact, I would not count on daily updates for most of the month of June (though things will definitely get active once ’Angel’ and ’Tru Calling’ start filming).

Lots of tidbits to pass along today.

First, TV Guide Online has a brief interview with Joss Whedon, where he discusses Charisma’s status on ’Angel’. Good read, and it certainly would seem that the door is still open for her to return at least a few times next season.

I’m getting reports from fans who pre-ordered the ’Angel Season Two’ DVD set from Amazon.com have received an email, that states the item has been pulled from the studio’s release schedule. I have not seen anything solid yet, but I do believe that this could be tied with the announcement of Season Five. This will take the series up to Episode 100, which means that it’s a viable syndication package for television networks. Although TNT has already signed on, it didn’t stop the first season from being released. My only guess is like Buffy, they want to be able to release this to local networks for syndication. Which begs the question, will we have to wait a year or two for ’Angel Season Two’ to appear. I will keep the site updated as news comes in.

The schedule on the homepage was off, as UPN has decided to air two episodes of the SuperModel Reality Show on Tuesday’s. I’ve updated it with what should be the new schedule.

On the e-mail front, I want to thank everyone who has written in thanking me for my comments on the Final Five Episodes (both Pro and Con). Apparently I was not alone, as 98% of all the letters I’ve received have been in near-total agreement with my comments. I should also take a moment to also remind those who have written looking for more information or with questions about either ’Buffy’ or ’Angel’. As I mention on the Feedback page, due to the amount of email that I receive, I cannot respond to individual emails. While I would love to do so, there’s only so much time in the day, and the simple matter of receiving hundreds of emails in a week, there’s just no way that I can respond to each and every request I get. But I do read all the email and feedback I receive, and I appreciate the time you take to write in with your thoughts, ideas, links, and comments.

Thank you.

Finally, I know that now the show has ended, many of you are looking to unsubscribe from the Spoiler Slayer Groups at Yahoo! I’ve received more than a few emails about the unsubscribe link not working. If you send an email to the following address, you should be unsubscribed from the group.


I’m also about to do a purge of the email addresses that have been bouncing. Probably sometime tomorrow, I will send out two messages. The first will be pre-purge, and should be immediately following with another message letting you know that you are still subscribed. If you don’t receive the second message, the first message will have the link to resubscribe.