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Spiderman Animated : James Marsters as guest-voice

Wednesday 16 July 2003, by Webmaster

James Marsters, who plays Spike on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, is providing a guest-voice in MTV’s Spider-Man animated series.

Marsters plays Sergei, the leader of Pterodax, a group of villains. Sergei is joined by Boris and Aleksei.

Other voices of villains created for the series include Eve as Cheyenne/The Talon, Harold Parino as Turbo Jet, Tara Strong as Christina, David DeLuise as Jack and Mack, Gina Gershon as Shikata, Kathy Griffin and Jeremy Pive as the twins Roxanne and Roland Gaines and Stan Lee as Frank Elson.

Other guest voices include Ed Asner as Officer Barr, MTV personality SuChin Pak as Empire 1 newscaster Alison Tomita and Keith David as FBI Agent Mosley. Asner did the voice of J. Jonah Jameson in Fox Kids’ Spider-Man, and David was the voice of Spawn in HBO’s Spawn animated series.

In other Spider-Man news:

* MTV has released a preview tape of the series to the press. It is of "Sword of Shikata," the second episode to be shown on Spider-Man’s premiere night, Friday, July 11.

The episode guest-stars Gershon as Shikata, a warrior with a deep sense of honor who is out to kill Spider-Man.