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From Bbc.co.uk

Spike - Bbc.co.uk

Thursday 26 June 2003, by Webmaster

We’ve been given the chance to interview James Marsters, currently on tour in the UK with his band, and we want you to pose the questions.

James Marsters’ band, Ghost of the Robot, is coming to the UK on tour and they will playing a number of gigs across the country, including the Scala, Islington London on the 19th June.

During the soundcheck we’ve been given some of James’s time to interview him on all things Spike.

Rather than hog the limelight ourselves, we want you to pose the questions. All you have to do is send your question, via the link at the top of the page. Get your questions in before 13th June, and we’ll ask as many as we can.

Keep checking back to see the video and text versions of the interview.