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Spike Comics : Old Wounds - Good Quality Pages Preview

Sunday 22 January 2006, by Webmaster

Spike Comics : Old Wounds - Good Quality Pages Preview - Gallery

IMG/jpg/spike-old-wounds-01.jpg IMG/jpg/spike-old-wounds-02.jpg IMG/jpg/spike-old-wounds-03.jpg IMG/jpg/spike-old-wounds-04.jpg IMG/jpg/spike-old-wounds-05.jpg IMG/jpg/spike-old-wounds-06.jpg

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  • Actually if you read the summary for it he probably didn’t do it since he’s trying to figure out who did. "Is Spike’s past coming back to haunt him? When a retired L.A. detective accuses Spike of a decades-old murder, the former William the Bloody finds himself on the run and forced to try to solve the most infamous unsolved crime in Los Angeles history. Where will he turn for help? What was Spike up to in 1947? And what do those monster-slaying luchadores Los Hermanos Numeros have to do with it? It’s all-out action in the City of Angels!" Spike impaled the people who teased and humiliated him right after he was turned. After that, he wasn’t really into the whole torture thing like Angelus was.