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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

"Spike" Tv Movie Has This Fan Excited

Sherri Lonon

Sunday 11 December 2005, by Webmaster

Television without Joss Whedon is like popcorn without butter. There’s no point.

For avid fans who followed “Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s” seven-year-run, “Angel’s” five-year trek and “Firefly’s” less-than-a-season damnation by the television Powers That Be, there’s just a lot of dead air out there.

Sure, there’s plenty on. But for those of us with little time to spare, the appeal isn’t there. “Lost” seemed like a good option at first, but, well, I got lost and will have to catch it on DVD at some point. “Supernatural” was worth giving a go, but the predictability turned me off fast. “Masters of Horror” looked worthy of an hour a week, carved out of my busy schedule. In fact, I even bought a subscription to Showtime just to see it. Beyond a few exceptional episodes though, the flavor’s gone flat with that one, too.

No one, it seems, can combine sharp wit, action, outright humor and horror into a good story quite like Joss and his stable of equally talented writers. These folks have made us love bloodthirsty vampires, cheer for cheerleaders and have our hearts break for brigands with a mild case of ethics. Now, that’s writing genius!

So, it should come as little surprise that news of a possible Spike movie had me doing back flips. (Figuratively, of course.) I read everything I could find on the topic and then sat down to check out Tim Minear. I had to know was he really worthy to handle the daunting task? Would he do Spike and the Buffyverse justice?

I turned to my trusty DVD collection and began watching the episodes of “Angel” Tim wrote and/or directed. Then I turned to “Firefly.” Ditto on the result, except I found myself watching the entire series again, longing for characters that endearing, dialogue that sharp-witted, story lines that amusing and entertaining. (I tried to check out the reported “Buffy” episodes, too, but found none listed in Tim’s own filmography. Blame that on bad reporting in the media, I guess.)

My research paid off with more than a trip down when-television-was-good memory lane. Tim is the perfect person for the job. I shouldn’t have questioned it. He can write and he can direct and he can do it in a fashion that rivals Joss’ talent, wit and intelligence. Add to that his intimate knowledge of Spike’s persona as he also served as producer on the “Angel” series and the fit is evident.

With so many stories left to tell within the Buffyverse, especially related to Spike and Illyeria, and well, frankly, Faith, too, the possibilities that fall into Tim’s capable hands are endless. Joss couldn’t have chosen a better writer and director for the rebirth of Spike, unless of course he’d chosen to do the project himself.

Tim’s skillful writing and directing and his careful treatment of Joss’ characters won him the request to do the Spike gig, no doubt. But it’s his ability to build on Joss’ think-outside-the-box style that will have whatever he creates winning fans hearts.

Anyone who can dress Angel in a Hawaiian shirt and white straw hat and actually make it work, is OK in my book.

With any luck, Tim’s work will be just the first in a long-running return of the Buffyverse. The faithful know there are plenty of stories left to be told, and good ones at that.

Series spinoff possibilities are endless - Spike, Illyria, Faith, Willow. With Tim Minear willing to pick up the reins and go, who knows ... maybe the faithful who just dust off their television screens to watch “Angel,” “Buffy” and “Firefly” on DVD will have a reason to tune in on a regular basis once more.

Someone pass the popcorn, heavy on the butter, please?

5 Forum messages

  • > "Spike" Tv Movie Has This Fan Excited

    12 December 2005 00:59, by Tossed Salad
    Because everyone wants to wait to see a 50 year old Spike...
  • > "Spike" Tv Movie Has This Fan Excited

    12 December 2005 12:50, by Dude
    well it’s gonna happen!! sooner or later!! theres still lots of money to be made off buff and friends,
  • > "Spike" Tv Movie Has This Fan Excited

    12 December 2005 15:59, by Anonymous
    Color him blonde and add a little botox and I think spike could be spike again for at least one show. Just close your eyes and pretend he’s 30! :) And if not, then pass him on to me and I will eat him up! 50, 60, 100. MMMMM. Spike!
  • > "Spike" Tv Movie Has This Fan Excited

    13 December 2005 04:08, by Anonymous
    its true. if they wait any longer, spike will never look like spike again. james is finally starting to catch up with his age. like it or not. the wrinkles and graying hair are starting to show. if they are gunna have this movie (which i really really really hope they do) they better bleach his hair and give him botox like the poster up there said. we want to see our young vampire again. and dont even think about switching actors for a spike movie! no one could EVER fill in James Marsters’s shoes when it comes to Spike.
  • > "Spike" Tv Movie Has This Fan Excited

    13 December 2005 04:52, by Anonymous
    Thanks for the article, I’m relieved to know a Spike movie will be in capable hands. Just had to drop a note, on the off chance that you come back and read this, and say that if you need a fix of some good tv, or a "Joss" fix, watch Veronica Mars. Buy season one and start from the beginning. Believe me, if you watch at least the first half, you will remember what it was like to get hooked on Joss. It’s the only show on tv that has season and series-long story-arcs, fascinating character development and great writing, it’s the only show I can find right now that suceeds in creating and convincing me of, and entrapping me in, it’s world. So much so, that I am actually taking the time to write out this message, not even sure that anyone will see it!