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Star Relieved At Angel’s End

Wednesday 5 May 2004, by Webmaster

David Boreanaz, star of The WB’s Angel, told CNN Headline news that he’s relieved that the show is finally coming to an end after five seasons, and that there would have to be a good reason for him to put Angel’s black trenchcoat back on for the reported Angel TV movies-of-the-week under consideration for next year. "There’s been talk about films, board games-let me see-video games," Boreanaz told the news network. "Everything, across the board. These characters that [executive producer] Joss [Whedon] has created will live forever."

Angel is ending May 19, though reports have suggested that The WB may be considering one or more TV movies to extend the show’s story next year. But, Boreanaz said, "I think whenever they want to revisit that character and bring it to a higher plateau, I would only be interested if the bar was [raised] a lot higher."

Boreanaz, who originated the role of the vampire with a soul in the first episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer before spinning off in his own series, said that he’s currently entertaining three offers for post-Angel projects.

Boreanaz added that he is in talks to appear in September in the London stage production of When Harry Met Sally, a play that also marked the West End stage debut of Alyson Hannigan-a Buffy co-star and the real-life wife of Angel co-star Alexis Denisof. The play has yet another Buffy connection: It currently co-stars Luke Perry, who played opposite Kristy Swanson in the original 1992 Buffy the Vampire Slayer feature film.

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  • > Star Relieved At Angel’s End

    6 May 2004 05:22, by Anonymous
    People wanted proof that he was glad the show was over....here it is!
  • > Star Relieved At Angel’s End

    6 May 2004 08:40, by Anonymous
    Just because he wants to explore new options doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t want to continute playing Angel. He is as distraught over this than anyone, maybe even more. This is not the end. This is only one battle, we angelicans WILL WIN the war and Angel will continue.
  • > Star Relieved At Angel’s End

    6 May 2004 09:51, by John
    You have to all understand. David is tired just as Sarah was at the end of Buffy. I do believe we will get our movie later but not for the damned WB. I wish David and Sarah the best in everything.
  • > Star Relieved At Angel’s End

    6 May 2004 12:04, by RobC
    lol, is this denial im smelling here? im sorry to be so harsn but really, in both the tv week interview and this one he was pretty clear he was glad angel wasn’t continuing into another season. sure this doesn’t mean he won’t do it again but he wants to do other things and his reactions don’t show signs of "distraught" at all.
  • > Star Relieved At Angel’s End

    6 May 2004 14:29, by Angela
    Saying that, I think he’s let it go a little in Angel. I mean, I loved the show and am sorry it’s ending, but he had a secure role and didn’t need to try. He put loads of weight on, his acting doesn’t seem as enthusiastic as it did earlier on in the series - the character’s completely changed over the five seasons. I know this won’t be a popular thing to say, but he’s got lazy and he’s going to need to sharpen up if he doesn’t want to slip into the twilight world of low-budget, crap-advert daytime TV.
  • > Star Relieved At Angel’s End

    7 May 2004 16:19, by Anonymous

    Cheers Pip - I thought I’d get flamed!

    Don’t get me wrong, the extra weight doesn’t bother me, he’s still pretty gorgeous, but everyone has to be stick thin in LA to get anywhere nowadays (Have you seen Guy Pearce and Hugh Jackman lately - is it just me, or is skeletal soo not a good look for these guys?).

    As for my fave dreamboat- not quite, he’ll always come second to blondie-bear I’m afraid! ;)

  • > Star Relieved At Angel’s End

    7 May 2004 21:34, by Little B.

    You know it’s amazing how the show gets cancelled, David goes looking for work (since he doesn’t have a JOB anymore) and people automatically assume things that aren’t true about him.

    Does anybody ever bother to read other articles he does? I guess not, but for the record, I will post this for the ’less’ informed.

    This is a comment from Christian Kane about the Save Angel campaign and his and David’s reaction:

    I can’t take that much credit for it but obviously with Boreanaz, and with James coming on the show, and then me coming back, there was just something. It was a rarity. To all three of us, and the rest of the cast, it was just a shame. But you know, the good thing about it is – and I kind of smile and I know David does, too – is that we went out on top. I think that Joss feels the same way. Joss has got a new project; he’s getting ready to do “Firefly” the movie.

    Did the letter writing campaign and all the fansites and petitions on the Internet affect you and affect the show?

    Well, it affects me. But I’m not sure it affects the show or the WB in that situation. But I’ll tell you right now, it affects me. I appreciate it and I know it affects Boreanaz. Boreanaz is very proud. We talked about that on the set quite a bit.

    He also had this to say about the Save Angel people and the fans in general (it’s from an interview he did with CNN):

    The interviewer mentioned the "Save Angel" campaign and the great lengths fans went to to save the show. She sounded very impressed (kudos to everyone involved in the campaign)! DB went on to say that the show had the best, most supportive fans - and they all knew there would be a backlash after the show was cancelled. He said everyone involved with the campaign should be very proud of what they did and he saluted them ("praise from the heart").

    Oh, and when the show was cancelled, J. said that David said this about the show:

    From an interview in the latest Dreamwatch #117

    "When we found out about Angel’s cancellation, David got up in front of everybody and said, "You know, guys, there’s nothing to be sad about. We’ve been on for 5 years. We should be very proud of ourselves," he reveals.

    "And that’s the truth. We made it to a place lots of shows don’t, and in our careers personally we made it to a place that a lot of actors don’t. It’s just a very small percentage of actors who can make a living at this.

    So I feel there’s nothing really to be sad about. When we signed up for this, we knew there would be an end."

    JA Richards Dreamwatch 117

    And, let’s not forget the convention he is planning with JM to THANK the fans for all they have done.

    Oh yeah, what an ungrateful S.O.B. for working 12 to 14 hour days for EIGHT freaking years, giving 100% to the character, the show AND the fans.

    The only people that are ungrateful IMO are the so-called ’fans’ that shouldn’t be called that in the first place. People should really stop jumping to conclusions and making assumptions about a person.

    Plus, Joss Whedon said at the Saturn Awards that the TV movies were just rumours and there is about a zero chance of them happening. It’s not that David DOESN’T want to do them, it’s that they are NOT going to happen.

  • > Star Relieved At Angel’s End

    8 May 2004 01:03, by Anonymous
    Although I hate that Angel is going to end, I understand David may be a bit tired of Angel, I mean, 8 years is a long time for playing the same character. But I’m sure David would accept another season if it was offered.
  • > Star Relieved At Angel’s End

    8 May 2004 12:18, by Janice
    I love David. I love him just as much as I do Sarah Michelle and I appreciate all the hard work they put into giving us these past years with Buffy and with Angel. I wish them both the best and only the best for them. When the time is right I hope we do get our big screen movie and that Joss brings these two together again. No one, but no one, can compare to Buffy and Angel.
  • > Star Relieved At Angel’s End

    8 May 2004 18:58, by Wolverine68

    sure, he’s a bit realized. I mean no one wants to only do one thing, and he’ll be glad to explore other roles.

    However DB did say he would have liked to do this show for years to come.

    No I do not think this makes him a hypocrite. It’s just about the show is over, and he is getting on with his life (as an actor).

  • > Star Relieved At Angel’s End

    9 May 2004 09:47, by Angela

    So you really think he did all that hard work, just "for the fans?"

    Sort your life out - he got paid, that’s how it works. If he spent 5 years doing something, he probably will miss it and be relieved in equal measures. Not my point.

    I get really annoyed with people who think actors have an obligation or a calling to do their "work". My favourite quote was from Ken Branagh who said in an interview, he had "an obligation to his talent". Please - show me the money. They do it, they enjoy it, they get paid - HUGE amounts compared to us mere mortals.

    So, he’s not a hero, he’s not mean - he’s an actor who is probably not one half as likeable as his character, and if you met him in the street gushing about his "work" he’d probably smile politely and try to get away from you as soon as he possibly could.

    I love the series and I’m quite happy drooling over the characters but I don’t enjoy hearing about the actors themselves because it reminds me that the characters don’t exist! (and I do enjoy my weekly trip to the buffyverse - for as long as it lasts)