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Stephanie Romanov #44 in Femme Fatales Sexy Top 50

Wednesday 3 December 2003, by Webmaster

2003 Sexy 50: Stephanie Romanov (#44)

Blast that infernal Cordelia Chase!

If it weren’t for that raven-haired vixen we could still watch former Elite model Stephanie Romanov vamping it up as attorney Lilah Morgan on Angel. Romanov got through three seasons and 31 episodes hanging out with teen vampires and werewolves, but eventually all good things come to an end.

Stephanie was a little surprised by her character’s getting canned, but she knew she had it coming. “Being that I’m a Wolfram & Hart gal and everybody else in that law firm had already gotten killed, I was shocked it went as long as it did. My question was always, ‘Do I finally get killed in this script?’

I figured it was a matter of time, because they were killing off everyone else. I had only auditioned for a guest part, and they just kept adding to it and bringing me back. I never had a deal or anything, so it turned into a much bigger thing than I ever thought it would be.”

Next year, Stephanie appears in the sci-fi thriller The Final Cut with Robin Williams, a story about memory wiping. We doubt this actress will ever be wiped from our memories. Stephanie Romanov appears in the January ’04 issue of Femme Fatales. http://store.yahoo.com/cfqmedia/fefavo12is6v.html Posted on Tuesday, December 02 @ 01:00:00 CST by seanjordan