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Steve Deknight Posts At The Bronze on Angel 5x20

Friday 7 May 2004, by cally

Steve DeKnight says: (Thu May 6 08:18:17 2004) [Context]

Beanie: Hey first time poster. Better late than never. Yeah, we would have liked to have used Darla and Dru more too, but there’s only so much screen time to go around these days.

Good heavens, look at the hour. I must retire, least the bags around my weary eyes blossom into full-fledged suitcases.

Poof, I say with love and affection, Poof!

Steve DeKnight says: (Thu May 6 08:09:41 2004) [Context]

Aria: Oh yeah, I do owe her a shirt. Tell her I’m working on picking out a nice one. And ask her if she wants it signed. Thanks for the kind words. Yes, we’re all Fools For Love*. Even the wicked.

Dachelle: Thanks. You think the fans would know by now that if I really intended to disrespect them, I’d do it on the radio. ;) And no, Drew has given me nothing, NOTHING, I say, except his usual grief. I’ll give him the business the next time I see him.

GothicAvenger: Thanks. It’s about time I finally gave a girl everything she wants (don’t tell Mere - she’ll snap you in half). And it goes without saying that I couldn’t have done it without the amazing Drew Goddard. That boy’s gonna go far. With me on his back. Yee-hah!

*trademark - Doug Petrie

Steve DeKnight says: (Thu May 6 07:56:52 2004) [Context]

Arabchick rocks (yeah, I know, I’m easy).

Blade and Mrs. Blade: Guess who else was born on October 28? Although I think I just weighed the 11 ounces.

Steve DeKnight says: (Thu May 6 07:44:00 2004) [Context]

Ho ho ho. Just a quick swoop by since I see that little scamp Drew promised I’d be here. Bad, Drew, bad!

Gotta say, folks, I’m a little surprised at some of the reaction to tonight’s episode. Not sure how anyone got the impression that our intent was to poke the hard core fans right in the peeper, but I can tell you that was never our intent. All we wanted to do is address the Angel/Buffy/Spike triangle one last time in a light-hearted manner. And that bit at the end about movin’ on? Directed at no one but the characters saying the words. We, the people actually working on the show for many long, hard years, just wanted to use our last chance to tell a fun story and to show that yes, love can make you shemp if you let it.

To address a few other random comments: Don’t know what you’ve heard, but Sarah was never going to play an active part in this ep. Not from the conception, the breaking of the story, or the writing of it. As for Tom Lenk (Andrew), I love the guy and I’m very happy he was in the show. We had talked about Dawn doing those scenes, but Michelle wasn’t available.

Not defending anything here. Just giving you the facts. And honestly, no matter what we do in these last few episodes, somebody out there’s not gonna be happy. So we’ll just do our best. Hate it, love it - it’s still gonna end how it’s gonna end. And if you think you’re gonna miss it, imagine how we feel. Nah, on second thought, don’t. It’ll just make you cry.