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Summer Glau Talks On Sci Fi ’Serenity’

Saturday 8 January 2005, by Webmaster

Summer Glau talked to SciFi Wire about her role in the SciFi movie Serenity, in which she is reprising her role from the Firefly tv series on Fox.

Glau had the role of the mysterious River in the cancelled SciFi show "Firefly," on which the movie is based, viewers knew only that River was a genius who had been surgically altered by mysterious forces for unknown reasons.

"We were setting up all the characters," Glau said in an interview. "We were going back into the past and trying to set up each storyline for each character. And my character was just getting started. And now, in the film, you’re really going to see an explosion of what’s really going on with River. It’s going to be exciting."

In one scene shot on a Universal Studios soundstage last August, Glau and her stunt double filmed a sequence in which her character fights a bar full of bad guys-and more than holds her own. During a break, Glau said that she’s pleased that her character figures prominently in the film. "I’m very happy," she said. "I’m in a lot of it."

Serenity is written and directed by Joss Whedon.