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TV Gal Declares ’Angel’ Redeemed

Thursday 10 April 2003, by Webmaster

Last week, "Angel" used its "get out of jail free" card.

I’ve really picked on "Angel" these past two seasons because I had faith in the show’s potential and haven’t always been pleased with its progress.

Last week, the show tried to tell us that basically everything we haven’t liked about the show from Cordelia becoming a higher being to Cordy and Connor sleeping together has been part of some master evil plan. And by Glory if it didn’t work. The episode, and again I’m going to put this in technical television critic terms, rocked. Like my favorite-more-evil-than-I-previously-thought-demon Skip said, "I love a story with scope."

These past two seasons have brilliantly played the viewer. While we were all in an uproar that the previously delicious snarky Cordy was being transformed into Saint Cordelia or that she slept with Angel’s son (again "Ewwww" ), "Angel" was plotting out a doozy of a surprise. Even if this isn’t what the show has had planned all along (but I’d like to think it was), everything fell into place in a perfectly logical way while opening up the debate of free will versus predetermined fate (I loved when Gunn announced, "The final scene can’t be rigged." )

This is all the more reason for "Angel" to be granted a fifth season (go to www.renewangel.com for more information on how you can help save the show) What do you think of "Angel" these days. Is the show back on course? Did you believe what happened last week?