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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

TV Gal Shows Her Hand

By Amy Amatangelo

Saturday 6 September 2003, by Webmaster

LOS ANGELES (Zap2it.com) - So, apparently, it’s not that easy to predict what I’m thinking. Although TV Gal readers Kristie and Ted came close, no one correctly guessed my favorite and least favorite new shows on all six networks. Since I had the advantage of having seen the pilots, many of your very educated guesses proved false. There were many red herrings. Like practically everyone thought I would love "Tru Calling" due to the Eliza Dushku factor. But the original pilot is quite awful (therefore I’m still crossing my fingers that eventually we’ll have a "Faith the Vampire Slayer" series). And so many of you guessed that "10-8" would be my favorite ABC show, but my love of all things Aaron Spelling has its limits. So far "10-8" is merely okay.

Now I’ve only seen the pilots of each series. And we all know that a series can vastly improve on an awful pilot or come crashing down after having a great start. Shows I hate today, I could love by November, you never know. And just because a show is a favorite of a particular network, this doesn’t mean I would actually recommend the show. When pickings are slim, even an average show can rise to the top.

As we move into the new season, I’ll have full reviews of all the new shows, but this will give you a taste of how the new season is shaking out. FOX

Obviously "The O.C." is my favorite new FOX show this season, but FOX also gets a gold star (along with NBC) for having the most new shows I would actually want to watch.

Favorite: "Arrested Development" Least Favorite: "Luis" Most Surprising: "Skin" Most Disappointing: "Tru Calling"


Favorite: "Miss Match" ("Lyon’s Den" is a close runner-up) *Charisma Carpenter will be appearing on an episode of this series* Least Favorite: "Whoopi" (I’ll even say this is the worst of all the new comedies) Most Surprising: "Lyon’s Den" (Watch out for sweet Kyle Chandler playing against type as a sinister and conniving lawyer.) Most Disappointing: "Coupling" (Something very bad happened when this show came across the pond.)


Favorite: "Jake 2.0" *David Greenwalt of Angel/Miracles fame is the showrunner. Jake2.0be airing opposite Angel this season on UPN - Wednesdays at 9pm* Least Favorite: "The Mullets" Most Surprising: Alas, except for "All of Us," the comedies were as bad as I thought they would be. Most Disappointing: "Eve"

Where Have I Seen Them Before?

Now many of you think that Melinda Clarke, who plays Julie Cooper on "The O.C.," also played the She-Mantis, the teacher who put the moves on Xander during on the first season of "Buffy." But it actually was Musetta Vander (who really does look like she was separated at birth from Clarke) who played teacher/praying mantis.

Highlights of the Week Ahead All times listed are Eastern Standard Time for Sept. 1 to 7

If somehow you still haven’t seen the series finale of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," UPN repeats it this Tuesday at 9 p.m.

That’s all for today. I’ll be back next Monday with a review of the new WB and NBC comedies premiering next week. I also tell you all about "Jake 2.0" Remember it really is the most wonderful time of the year. Have a question, seen a familiar face, have an inside scoop or want to nominate a quote of the week? Write me at amytvgal@zap2it.com