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TV Gal sinks her teeth into `Angel’

By Amy Amatangelo

Tuesday 3 February 2004, by Webmaster

Posted on Mon, Feb. 02, 2004

TV Gal sinks her teeth into `Angel’ BY AMY AMATANGELO Zap2it.com

(KRT) - Cordelia’s back and if I were Eve I’d take a permanent vacation.

Charisma Carpenter returns for the practically perfect 100th episode of "Angel" (Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET on The WB). There’s so much to absolutely adore. Cordelia is back to her gloriously snarky self. She puts Eve in her place and refers to the little dear as "Lilah Junior." Also her shock that Spike is now thought of as a hero is hilarious.

There’s also a touching tribute to Doyle, who was played by the late Glenn Quinn in the first season. I was delighted that the series remembered the actor and his great performance in this landmark episode. Also great is the scene that features Carpenter (who looks fantastic by the way, her hair is much better now that she’s not evil), David Boreanaz and Christian Kane (Lindsay). This trio was in the original pilot and it’s great to have them back together again. And I dare say the episode manages to satisfy both those who were for a Cordy/Angel romance and those who were not.

Really there’s nothing not to love here. But I do have some concerns that I won’t speak of yet because I don’t want to spoil anything for you. Check out my column Thursday to find out more. But this really is a can’t-miss episode. So be sure to tune in.


Does anyone actually believe Justin Timberlake took off Janet Jackson’s costume by mistake? While I’m sure this very important debate will rage on for weeks to come, I have some other television topics on my mind.

Now that Steve and Miranda have married on "Sex and the City," is Brady’s name Brady Brady? And if so, what can be done about that?

What is the point of the Chloe story line on "24"? Yes, she’s reminiscent of that annoying co-worker we’ve all had to deal with, but why is the show, which clearly has bigger problems to deal with, even wasting time on Chloe and her daycare needs. Unless, of course, this is all part of a master plan to distract us before revealing Chloe as traitor extraordinaire? And if that’s the case, we’re on to them.

What’s with the blatant disregard for security concerns on "Alias"? Jack goes to his car to instant message Irina over a wireless network without even using code words. Lauren makes cell phone calls and goes on with her evil self in the halls of the CIA. And everyone leaves important, top-secret documents out in the open on desks. Come to think of it, why don’t they even have cubicles for heaven’s sakes? I was more surreptitious when I talked on the phone to my friends in high school. Ask my mom.

Does anyone else think Bachelor Brad on "The Bachelorette" looks just like Bradley Cooper?

Is Chloe really Lois Lane? Last week on "Smallville," we learned that Chloe had a cousin named Lois Lane who had no interest in journalism and Chloe was asking to have some stories published in the Daily Planet under her name. Is this something that continues? Inquiring minds want to know.


"I’ve got 12 vampire slayers behind me and none of them has ever dated you," Andrew to Angel on "Angel." Can I quote everything that came out of Andrew’s mouth? From his pronunciation of "vampire" to his constant "Lord of the Rings" references ("He’s alive Frodo. He’s alive.") to his announcement that he’s "82 percent more manly," this was definitely one of my all time favorite "Angel" episodes. Plus, we got updates on the Scooby gang.

"I can still be whatever you need me to be." Sherry to her ex-husband, President Palmer, on "24." Notice how Sherry gets her own office when she conducts nefarious business?

"I have to check on Mr. Nielsen. You know, I don’t see what the problem is. These numbers aren’t that bad." Becker talking about a patient on the series finale of "Becker." Thanks for TV Gal reader Rob for the quote.

"As a singer, you are a brilliant car salesman." Simon destroying the hopes of another contestant on "American Idol."

"All these years of watching ’Hart to Hart’ are about to pay off." Lorelai before using a credit card to break into a church on "Gilmore Girls."

"I’m a beard with a wig." Samantha on "Sex and the City" when the tabloids report that she’s a fag hag. Thanks to TV Gal reader Jeff for the quote. By the way, Foxy Samantha was definitely my favorite.

"Apparently I’m the brains behind this operation." Boston Rob about his team on "Survivor: All-Stars."


You know the rules. Don’t read if you don’t want to know.

Lucas will be in a life-threatening accident on "One Tree Hill" (but since he’s the star, something tells me he’ll live) and Dan will have to publicly acknowledge Lucas is his son in order to donate blood. Peyton will tell Brooke that she and Lucas kissed. Also Sheryl Crow guest stars on an upcoming episode. The first cut really is the deepest.

Carrie will go into labor on the Feb. 15 episode of "Alias," which should make Marshall even more humorous. Also in this episode Quentin Tarantino returns as McKenas Cole (he’s in cahoots with the Covenant), Patricia Wettig returns as Dr. Judy Barnett (Sloane will seek her counsel) and Vivica A. Fox guest stars as a rogue security systems designer. Also Sark and Lauren will make a tighter bond.

Unlike the world of "7th Heaven" where the kids don’t have sex before marriage and don’t even seem to want to, the Feb. 9 episode of "Everwood" will address teenage sexuality in an honest, objective and non-patronizing way. There are no lectures but there are some great messages. Since the show has such a large teen fan base, I’m delighted that they are so honestly addressing this subject and not ignoring it, which would be the easier thing to do. It’s a great episode that makes me love the show even more (who knew that was possible?). Ephram is more than ready to have sex with Madison (call up the Everwood police) and Amy goes to Dr. Brown to get a prescription for the pill but then finds out Tommy is still dealing drugs. Also Andy wants Linda to spend the night at his house.

Poor Pete. He didn’t even get the chance to try to kill Chloe last week. But he’ll get a story line on Feb. 11. Pete will ask Clark to use his powers to save him from gang members who want to kill him. Also Lex will find out that Adam is being treated with a dangerous drug.

Dr. Weaver will dedicate a new center in Dr. Romano’s memory and Thandie Newton will drive everyone in the "ER" crazy. Dr. Gallant will narrowly escape a bullet.

"Angel" will travel back to World War II on Feb. 11.

Michelle Phillips, who played Val’s mom on "90210" returns to all things Aaron Spelling to play Annie’s half-sister on "7th Heaven."


All times listed are EST for Wednesday.

The final 32 "American Idol" contestants will be revealed this Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. on FOX. Do you think Scooter girl has a chance?

That’s all for today. But remember you get two TV Gal columns for the price of one for February sweeps. So I’ll be back on Thursday with thoughts on "Survivor: All-Stars" (Why is Richard always naked? How come I still can’t understand Tom?), fearless predictions about how "Sex and the City" will end (remember there have been rumors of a big death), and how "Friends" should end.