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TV Tome previews the first four episodes of S5

Monday 1 September 2003, by Webmaster

Season 5

89. Conviction gs: Mercedes McNab (Harmony Kendall) Jonathan M. Woodward (Knox) Sarah Thompson (Eve) James Marsters (Spike)

After settling into his new office at Wolfram & Hart (with Harmony as his secretary), Angel meets a young woman named Eve, who claims that she is the new liaison between him and the Senior Partners. She explains that in order for him to do good in LA, he will have to be prepared to do some bad too.

Angel is forced to prevent a criminal from going to jail, when he threatens to drop a chemical warfare virus, that could ultimately destroy California. Meanwhile, Gunn impresses a court full of people, when it is revealed that Wolfram & Hart have bestowed him with a vast knowledge of the law.

As Angel enters his office at the end of the day, he finds an envelope on his desk. He opens it and the Sunnydale amulet falls out, it begins to spin round until a screaming Spike is released.

b: 01-Oct-2003 pc: 5ADH01 w: Joss Whedon d: Joss Whedon

NOTE: Charisma Carpenter and Vincent Kartheiser have been removed from the opening credits. This episode marks the first time Joss Whedon has written and directed the season premiere since the pilot. Angel moves out of the Hyperion hotel after 3 years of living there with the rest of AI. Mercedes McNab reprises her role as Harmony after being told to leave by Cordelia at the end of 2x17 ’Disharmony’. James Marsters appears on Angel for the first time (not including flashbacks) since 1x3 ’In The Dark’ David Boreanaz is now the only remaining original Angel cast member.

90. Just Rewards gs: Mercedes McNab (Harmony Kendall)

Although Spike’s body was destroyed in Sunnydale, his non-corporeal spirit has been sent back to the mortal coil against his will. Everyone tries to figure out what is going on while Angel is having trouble with a Necromancer named Hainsley. He is charging Demons for putting their essence into fresh corpses, which he is buying from Wolfram & Hart.

After Hainsley kills the first messenger, Angel decides to pay him a visit to tell him that they will no longer supply him with bodies. Spike decides to tag along and is offered a body by Hainsley if he helps him. Angel learns that he cannot touch Hainsley, because he is being controlled by him. Angel and Spike argue about their souls, which leads Spike to make a decision. He tells Hainsley he will help him, but then jumps inside him. This allows Angel to hit him and finally kill him through decapitation. Spike jumps back out of his body and explains that Hainsley was dead way before the decapitation, but Spike wanted a few punches.

b: 08-Oct-2003 pc: 5ADH02 w: David Fury & Ben Edlund d: James A. Contner

NOTE: James Marsters has been added to the opening credits. Spike is unable to leave Los Angeles, as he just gets teleported back to Wolfram & Hart. It turns out that the amulet which Lilah gave to Angel is a part of Spike now, which means that Wolfram & Hart legally own him. This answers many questions as to why Angel was meant to wear the amulet. It was a backup plan incase he tried to get out of the deal. Buffy is in Europe. This episode shows a flashback to Buffy 7x22 ’Chosen’. In the Buffy movie, Kristy Swanson says "All I want to do is graduate from High School, move to Europe, marry Christian Slater, and die". Now all Buffy has to do is marry Christian Slater in order to complete her goals.

91. Unleashed

Angel helps a newly turned Werewolf named Nina, who is being hunted by an exclusive club which specialises in exotic meals. A member of the club is working undercover for Wolfram & Hart under the alias, Dr. Royce. He captures Nina after promising her to the other members, but Angel and the Gang arrive to rescue her. The club are disappointed that they have no meal, so Nina bites Dr. Royce, turning him.

Nina agrees to visit Wolfram & Hart once a month for a routine check-up.

b: 15-Oct-2003 pc: 5ADH03 w: Sarah Fain & Elizabeth Craft d: Marita Grabiak

NOTE: In order for Lorne to read him, Dr. Royce sings ’Lonely Boy’ by Andrew Gold. There seems to be a slight spark between Nina and Angel.

92. Hell Bound gs: Sarah Thompson (Eve)

As Halloween dawns on Los Angeles, Spike is being tormented by the spirit of a brutal, wiccan surgeon named Pavayne. Since his magic helps him stay out of hell, he wanders around Wolfram & Hart cleaning up the loose spirits. With growing concern for Spike, Fred tries frantically to find a way to make him corporeal and prevent him from being sent to hell.

While Spike battles it out with Pavayne, Fred arrives with her new contraption. As she is attacked by Pavayne, Spike is faced with a choice. He can save Fred, or he can use her machine to become corporeal.

b: 22-Oct-2003 pc: 5ADH04 w: Steven S. DeKnight d: Steven S. DeKnight

NOTE: This is the first Angel episode with a Halloween theme. There seems to be a slight spark between Fred and Spike. As of this episode David Boreanaz is the longest serving Buffyverse actor. This episode marks his 148th appearance as Angel eclipsing Alyson Hannigan’s 147 appearances as Willow.

93. 5ADH05

b: 29-Oct-2003 pc: 5ADH05

94. 5ADH06

b: 05-Nov-2003 pc: 5ADH06

95. 5ADH07

b: 12-Nov-2003 pc: 5ADH07 d: David Boreanaz

NOTE: This is the first time David Boreanaz (Angel) directs an episode.

96. 5ADH08

b: 19-Nov-2003 pc: 5ADH08

97. 5ADH09

b: 26-Nov-2003 pc: 5ADH09

98. 5ADH10

pc: 5ADH10

99. 5ADH11

pc: 5ADH11

100. 5ADH12

pc: 5ADH12 w: Joss Whedon d: Joss Whedon

NOTE: The 100th episode.

101. 5ADH13

pc: 5ADH13

102. 5ADH14

pc: 5ADH14

103. 5ADH15

pc: 5ADH15

104. 5ADH16

pc: 5ADH16

105. 5ADH17

pc: 5ADH17

106. 5ADH18

pc: 5ADH18

107. 5ADH19

pc: 5ADH19

108. 5ADH20

pc: 5ADH20

109. 5ADH21

pc: 5ADH21

110. 5ADH22

pc: 5ADH22

NOTE: Season Finale. If the WB choose not to renew their contract, this could be the series finale of Angel. It’s possible that the show could be picked up by another network like Buffy was.