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TV on DVD : Something for everyone (buffy mention)

Anna Johns

Thursday 15 December 2005, by Webmaster

Are you having trouble finding gifts for everyone you know this holiday season? There are so many television shows on DVD now, that there’s something for everyone.

Here’s a list of gift ideas for my hard-to-buy-for friends and relatives, hopefully it can help you:

* The uncle who stopped working because he doesn’t want to pay taxes to the government: The X-Files. He’ll eat up that government-cover-up/conspiracy theory stuff.

* The teen-age cousin with a nose ring and a bad attitude: The Muppets, Season One. Because it’s fun to embarrass kids who are going through puberty.

* The grandmother with dementia: The Amazing Race, because she’ll be able to watch it again and again and the winner will always be a surprise!

* The brother, a law student, who spouts his law knowledge whenever he can: ER. "Oh, whoops. I thought you were in medical school."

* The sister-in-law who’s expecting a baby: Friends, Seasons 8-9. So she can think that being a parent is as easy as carrying around a baby monitor.

* The mother who just retired from teaching and is watching television for the first time in her life: Oprah. That should catch her up on 20 years of pop culture.

* The overbearing neighbors: Oz. Because they’ll never ask to borrow anything ever again.

* The person who has everything: Blind Justice. You can pretty much guarantee he/she doesn’t have this piece of crap.

* People you like: Firefly, Buffy, Arrested Development, Lost.

What TV shows on DVD are you buying for people this year?