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US Shafted By Serenity DVD

Scott Gwin

Thursday 15 December 2005, by Webmaster

Hey American Browncoats! Joss Whedon is really pissed off that you whined and tantrumed until Serenity, the movie based on your favorite TV show "Firefly", and then didn’t bother to turn out en masse at the box office to support it. How angry is he? He’s sending a giant screw you your way by giving the far more financially supportive (by per population anyway) British fans a slightly cooler Serenity DVD.

We don’t usually cover DVD news on this site, but this was just too hilarious to pass up. According to Empire Online, Whedon’s release of Serenity will be a step better in the UK than in the US. Those of you laughing right now thinking you’ll just order it online from Britain need to remember that Europe uses a totally different formatting than the states. You can order as many copies of the European Region 2 DVD, but most of you won’t be able to play it in your Region 1 DVD players. Heh.

So, what’s so great about the UK version? It will include a 20 minute bonus featurette outlining Whedon’s efforts to bring the movie to the screen. Other extras for the Brit release are pending but the package could continue to get better for the European crowd. Americans can expect the regular goodies like extended footage and deleted scenes, but for once Europe is getting the edge.

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  • > US Shafted By Serenity DVD

    15 December 2005 21:11, by Anonymous

    And the Biggest Nerd award goes to...

    While you’re masturbating to your region 2 Serenity DVD, you might want to think about growing up.

  • > US Shafted By Serenity DVD

    15 December 2005 21:54, by Anonymous
    The extra footage on the UK dvd will end up being put online anyway, so it doesn’t really matter.
  • > US Shafted By Serenity DVD

    15 December 2005 23:58, by Anonymous
    LOL, yeah, okay, ’cause US and Canadian Firefly fans don’t know how to download.
  • > US Shafted By Serenity DVD

    16 December 2005 03:14, by Anonymous
    to the 1st poster - haters suck!
  • > US Shafted By Serenity DVD

    16 December 2005 04:06, by miffed (feel free to email me and sputter...."but, but...!"
    Gee....I don’t guess they’ve made DVD players that will play ANY DVD.....from ANY region....have they? Well!!! I just gotta get me one of those.....*channels Joe Billy Bob the Redneck* What an IDIOT. I have a regionless DVD player, and before Mr. Gwin starts spewing about PAL>NTSC....it converts that, too, buddy!
  • > US Shafted By Serenity DVD

    16 December 2005 05:28, by Anonymous
    Serenity sucked anyway. Sorry Joss, big fan of Angel and Buffy, but Firefly and Serenity didn’t do anything for me. And a lot of other US fans, I guess. heh heh. As far as the Brit version being better, that’s cool. Guess they’re still bitter about that whole "American Revolution" thing.
  • > US Shafted By Serenity DVD

    16 December 2005 11:18, by Anonymous
    Of course, like all other DVDs, Serenity will be a lot cheaper in the US. Usually DVDs are at least twice the price in the UK as they are in the US, with less special features. Which is why more and more Britons are getting multiregion DVD players and importing DVDs from the US- even with the customs charges and postage charges, they are much cheaper to buy this way. When Buffy was still on for example the DVD box-sets would cost around $45-$60 (about 22-30 pounds) whereas in the shops here they were 75 pounds- roughly $140. Since Buffy has been off the air for a while the DVD sets have come down in price, but were we ripped off or what?
  • > US Shafted By Serenity DVD

    16 December 2005 14:16, by Anonymous

    Muhahaha...i love whedon.

    *continues living in england*

  • > US Shafted By Serenity DVD

    16 December 2005 16:19, by AP Salsman
    And here I thoughtit was meant to just be funny, not attacking. Maybe i’ve got a better sense of comedy.
  • > US Shafted By Serenity DVD

    16 December 2005 22:48, by Anonymous
    Oh gee poor us in the U.S. The speacial features will probably be available for download on this site anyways. Besides I thought the U.S. was more Buffy and Angel fan friendly the Serenity fan friendly..
  • > US Shafted By Serenity DVD

    16 December 2005 22:58, by Anonymous
    Um, what the hell is this guy talking about? I really doubt this Joss’ way of saying "screw you", In fact I don’t think he would ever say screw you to ANY fan of his work. Also, I don’t think he really had any say on the production of the DVD’s, both R1 and R2. I think Universal saw how well the Firefly box set sold and plans on releasing a 2-disc special edition DVD a few months after the single disc release. FOX does the same thing with a lot of their DVDs.
  • > US Shafted By Serenity DVD

    21 December 2005 19:17, by Kara
    Well "Serenity" DVD isn’t being released in England until Feb. 27 2006 while we have ours in the U.S. now! I think ’Scott Gwin’ is just jealous! I read that a Special Edition DVD will be released later in the U.S. I think they just wanted to get this out for Xmas for which I say "Thanks Joss and Universal!"