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TV shows we wish could come back from the dead like Firefly

Wednesday 4 April 2007, by Webmaster

I’m bitter. A couple weeks back, I Netflixed the movie Serenity. The first time I saw it, in theaters, I was so excited that Firefly fans had rallied to get it made. Watching it again, a cold, hard realization dawned on me: There will never be any more Firefly, ever again. The TV show is dead and gone, and there probably won’t be any more movies. I went through all the stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and finally, grudging acceptance.

Firefly is just one of many shows sent to the television graveyard much too early. But what if we had the chance to bring our favorites back from the dead? That’s just what the writers at AOL Television and TV Squad decided to do. Not only did we name the shows we’d like to revive, we outlined how they could make their grand return.

Take a look at our choices, then tell us which show you wish could come back from the dead and why. We’ll take the best ones and publish them in two weeks.