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Thank You from Equality Now for Can’t Stop The Serenity 2008 Events

Saturday 23 May 2009, by Webmaster

To Beth Nelson (’08 GO) and all the CSTS 08 organizers:

I am writing on behalf of Equality Now to thank you and all of the Browncoat volunteers and attendees for the incredible achievement of 2008’s Can’t Stop the Serenity Global screening event. I know how hard each and every one of you worked to make your event special, to make it fun for the attendees and participants, to make it the great success that it was!

It’s been a tough year, and a great year. We’ve seen some remarkable progress in the struggle to end the practice of FGM (female genital mutilation). Equality Now’s FGM Program is working with grassroots partners in more than sixteen African countries who are working to stop FGM in their communities by raising awareness and offering alternatives, and you are helping us do this. An initiative of Equality Now’s Anti-Trafficking Program brought together grassroots groups in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and North America for a meeting to share the challenges confronted (some of them dangerous) and best practices developed in their work, and you are helping us do this. We have also recently begun a new initiative working with lawyers and other activists to rectify the unique and devastating human rights abuses suffered by girls in early adolescence through precedent-setting legal cases, the first of which was a success! You are helping us do this, too. Equality Now believes that people know best what will work in their own countries and communities and that the most effective way to make a real difference is to support them in their struggle. Browncoat generosity is helping us do this and you can read about it all on our website at www.equalitynow.org.

This year will certainly be another challenging one. The economy is suffering and people are losing their jobs, their savings and their homes. Everyone is tightening their belts and it is unclear when the situation will improve. So, what better time to share an evening with the crew of Serenity, and get as many of your fellow Browncoats as possible to share it with you? On top of that, you can help Equality Now and we especially need your support at times like these!

Browncoat generosity is becoming legendary around here! The spirit and heart you have shown in organizing these events over the years are a continuing inspiration. We talk about you often, about how amazing and steadfast your support is and how grateful we all are for it.

Thank you all, again, for a great 2008 Global Event, and here’s to another fantastic happening this year. Anne and I have been in touch and I believe she will lead us there with great enthusiasm and vigor!

All the best to all of you and KEEP FLYIN’!!!

Mandy Sullivan (on behalf of the staff of Equality Now)