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That Angel reference in "A+X" Comic Book #6

Tuesday 9 April 2013, by Webmaster

A+X #6 (Published by Marvel Comics; Review by David Pepose; ’Rama Rating: 10 out of 10): two card-themed stories, A+X #6 stacks the deck with great writing, gorgeous art and superb character pairings. Peter David’s Captain Marvel/Wolverine story is the best example I’ve seen in years of a talky scene done right — the pair’s "astronaut vs. caveman" debate might be inconsequential, but David’s dialogue reflects their characters so perfectly. Giuseppe Camuncoli and Michele Benevento look a little flat in terms of inks and colors, but the actual acting of the characters keeps things dynamic. Mike Costa meanwhile creates an inspired pairing between the Thing and Gambit, as he injects loads of humor into these two cardsharks’ poker game. Stefano Caselli draws a ridiculously good Gambit, with tousled hair and modelesque features — Marvel, let Caselli draw the book next, he’d kill on it! But for now, A+X #6 will have to suffice — it may be this week’s perfect read.