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The Boldly Go Sci Fi Blog shares some Firefly related thoughts

Tuesday 18 April 2006, by Webmaster

Firefly related thoughts

Am I the last geek on earth to watch Firefly?

Shame on me for not doing so earlier! Shame on Fox and the rest of the entertainment "powers that be" for canceling it too!

I finally started watching it after the Sci Fi Channel had a Firefly marathon a couple of weeks ago. I almost filled up my Tivo that day. Once I started watching, I was hooked.

Since I was going to be spending some serious time in airports and flying this past week, I bought the DVDs. Now I am doing the really geeky thing (as if I can’t get any geekier), and re-watching everything with commentary.

Here are some of my related thoughts, which does show that maybe I spent a little too much time taking it in (a/k/a You know you’ve watched Firefly too much when,............)

* You hear the radio station call letters are WMAL and think the station owner must be a huge Firefly fan;

* You are going down one of the largest escalators in the world to catch a subway ride and tons of people are just about running down the left side of the escalator (while you hold on for dear life on the right side). Only one thing can drive people to such desperation: Reavers!

* When your DVD player runs out of battery power in the middle of a flight, you utter "ai ya". (not sure about spelling)

* When your flight has to travel over a front that has spawned deadly tornadoes and you are experiencing heavy turbulence which makes you recite real prayers, your thoughts are as follows: ** I hope the pilot is as good as Wash; ** We are a leaf in the wind, please soar........ ** I wish I could have seen the end of the last episode before I die...........

Yeah, I’m hooked.