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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

The Buffy Cast Is Very Good, But Can They Act On Movies ?

Friday 13 August 2004, by Webmaster

Comedy/Cult Movies Guide Sarah Bennett has opinions and she’s not afraid to tell Hollywood just how she feels about their so-called “comedies” which lately have been a collection of gross-outs and Animal House-retreads. Her reviews are must-reads before you spend your $10 this weekend to go see a "film." Here she answers my questions about how-ready-for-the-silver-screen some of today’s TV stars are.

I’ve always had trouble watching TV stars in movies. I see Ted Danson and I’ll think “Hey it’s Sam Malone, shouldn’t he be behind the bar?” Or I’ll see Michael J. Fox doing coke in the bathroom of a Manhattan club circa 1984 in "Bright Lights, Big City" and wonder where it all went wrong for Alex P. Keaton.

[Sarah Bennett] I think the reason a lot of TV actors are good for TV is that they don’t often don’t have the charisma that movie stars do. Obviously, this isn’t always true- a lot of film stars start their careers on the small screen, even in soaps. But for every Johnny Depp or George Clooney, you have a million Ted Dansons or Michael J Foxes, who do broad, TV shtick well that never transfers to the big screen. The reason so many young Disney TV stars are crossing over so successfully is that the vehicles they star in ("The Lizzie McGuire Movie," "What A Girl Wants") are usually nothing more than the equivalent of made-for-TV-for-movie specials.


Let’s talk "Buffy." We’ve got Alyson Hannigan and SMG and the biggest names to come out of that show...

[Sarah] As much as I didn’t like "Cruel Intentions," I can’t deny that the part SMG plays in that movie is nothing like Buffy.

Unfortunately, as much as I like her, Alyson Hannigan has a very distinct acting style that might make it hard for her to break out of the Willow mold. SMG, lucky for her, seems to have a bit more versatility.

Anyone else on the Buffy cast have a good shot at sustaining a movie career? James Marsters?

[Sarah] Considering that James Marsters is over 40 years old (no, really), my hopes aren’t too high. In a strange way, I have hope for Nicholas Brendan, even if his biggest screen role to date was in "Psycho Beach Party."

Any movie actors you’d like to see on TV?

[Sarah] I honestly can’t think of one. Such is the power of overexposure. The fact is, many TV actors, even beloved ones, aren’t that good. Acting for TV often isn’t very demanding; the jokes are broad, the drama over the top, and it’s often as easy to act as it is to watch. Sometimes the writing is so bad that not being terrible is actually a challenge, which is why so many of our best actresses start in soaps. This is not to say that movies are usually masterpieces, but the writing is still undeniably different, if only because it’s harder to have an audience know and like your character in 90 minutes than it is in a 22. In turn, the acting required for movies is more demanding, which is why a lot of TV actors don’t make the transition so well. Then again, film actors do a few bad movies and they’re screwed, where as Ted Danson always has "Becker."

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  • Okay, now that just royally pisses me off. Buffy had some of the best actors on television.

    Alyson a distint acting style, has anyone seen American Pie, in my opinion far removed from Willow.

    And to say the least about James Marsters who if MacBeth winds up as good as I hope it will be, he will definately have a shot at an Oscar.

    Just goes to show you the woman has no taste and wouldn’t know an awesome TV actor if one came up and bit her in the ass. And then to say that TV stars don’t work as hard. Is she smoking crack, they work ten if not 20 times harder than movie actors. They get one week to have everything perfect while movies get months and can stink worse than two month old garbage in the middle of summer.

    That’s my ten cents and I’ll step off my soapbox now. Thanks

  • that person who wrote this doesn’t know willow’s "hushbrown"? mr wesley? that guy is good! and amy acker as well fred > jeniffer love
  • > The Buffy Cast Is Very Good, But Can They Act On Movies ?

    14 August 2004 17:17, by angelvamp101
    Michael J Fox not a successful film star??? Has Ms. Bennett never seen the "Back to the Future" movies?
  • alyson hannigan In "amreican pie" is the same as Willow ..and The little Role un "Boys and girls" with Fredie Prinze Jr. was same too, sarah has different Faces and she looks very cool as bad or Kinda cruael Like "cruel Intentions, different in "scooby-doo" is wird not seeing her Kicking ass, But she’s is a Excellent actress, Nicholas Brendon is cool and funny "psycho beach party" such a great time!
  • as much as i love alyson, i think she still played her "willow-persona" in the american pie movies AND on stage in when harry met sally.
  • i agree With 2 last messages about Seth Green, he’s soing well
  • well, lots of actors are over 40: Johnny depp, brad pitt, jack Nicholson, tom hanks, George Clooney, Ian mckellan, sorry if some of the names are spelled wrong, but these guys are all successful, Oscar-winning, beloved and OLD.

    Michelle Trachtenberg could be a big star; she has a great career already. Seth green, smg and aly, and maybe eliza are the only other actors that are well-known. I think SMG is an a-list celeb, so...

    and i agree about tv actors not working as much as movie actors. 12-16 hours a day, 6 days a week, for 8 years- at least for the buffyverse people. that lady was spewing bu**sh**.

    Hope emma and nick get some good roles and more notoriety than they got from buffy in the future. Totally underused and underappreciated, imo.

    and alexis and amy, no one knows about them, either. but unlike emma&nick, it seems more of a given that they, especially amy, will get more great parts. nick especially needs a bit more luck. So, good luck!