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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

The Buffy Sing Along D.I.Y. Home Kit

Saturday 8 December 2007, by Webmaster


Just because we’re on, let’s call it hiatus, doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the Buffy Musical on your own with our Do-It-Yourself Buffy Sing Along Kit!

All you need to provide is your own DVD of Once More With Feeling, a group of friends, and a whole bunch of Buffy enthusiasm. We have two versions to choose from: Buffy Sing Along Home Kit

* 12 Party Poppers
* 12 Grrr Argh Finger Monsters
* 12 Kazoos
* 12 Vampire Teeth
* 12 Bottles of Bubbles
* A Candy Surprise
* Instructions for how to hold your own Sing Along
* A challenging collection of Buffy Trivia
* FREE Buffy Musical promotional poster and selection of Buffy Musical promotional pins (while supplies last)

Only $20 (plus $8.95 shipping, sent USPS flat rate)

Buffy Sing Along Deluxe Kit

* 25 of everything mentioned above
* The official CD Soundtrack for “Once More With Feeling” from Rounder Records
* FREE Once More With Feeling or Buffy Season 8 promo poster (while supplies last)

Only $50 (plus $8.95 shipping, sent USPS flat rate)

Click on the link :