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The End Of Angel - Sky One Message

Saturday 13 March 2004, by Webmaster

Sky One is saddened by the news that the current fifth season of Angel will now be the last to air.

Angel has, and continues to be, a hugely popular show with Sky One viewers and we are disappointed not to be able to bring a sixth series to the UK.

Unfortunately, the decision not to commission another season is with the network in question and beyond our influence.

Sky One continues to strive to bring the best in US drama and sci-fi to the UK and, while a sixth season of Angel will be missed, the remaining episodes and finale, in a season which has proved to be one of the best ever, will undoubtedly contribute strongly to the legacy of the show.

Finally, we would like to thank everyone for their support for both Angel and Sky One.

2 Forum messages

  • > The End Of Angel - Sky One Message

    13 March 2004 21:48, by anantara
    and this is why british tv networks are the best...also the buffy/angel fandom is strongest in the uk
  • > The End Of Angel - Sky One Message

    14 March 2004 10:59, by Anonymous
    if Sky had been hosting this, they would never have let it go like that, cos they know just how faithful the fans are and just how popular this show is. Hey I know!! Joss come live here in the UK, sky will back you!! He he he